Somewhat Homeward Bound

I will be flying off to KL in approximately 5 more hours. Just half an hour ago, the sun was shining and I thought to myself, Oh what a beautiful spring day! Right now, it’s all rain and gusty wind outside. 😦 I pray that the flight later will be a smooth-sailing one.

The purpose of my short trip to KL this time is because my cousin is GETTING MARRIED!!! TO MY EX-CLASSMATE hahahahaha!! (By the way, the sun is shining again. Make up your mind, Mr Weather!)

We are all super excited and happy for them and since most of us family members will be attending the wedding, I bet it will be soooo fun and filled with joy and laughter!

Hopefully I will have lots of photos to share with you all when I’m back. Meanwhile, I should be posting updates on my Twitter & Instagram accounts so do stay close! Hehehe……

Tata!!~ xoxo


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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