Let the Countdown Begin

So, Mr S & I have set the date for our wedding day. It’s going to be 20th September 2014, which is about 11 more months to go. Sounds like we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves for the big day, but really, time is already running out!!! 😯 With the amount of stress and worry I’m going through now, I’m pretty SURE I’m going to turn into a bridezilla in the very near future.

We’ve been spending the past three Saturdays visiting bridal stores, attending a bridal fair, browsing for wedding bands and viewing several reception venue options. We attended “First Comes Love” bridal fair/event last, last Saturday. There were soooo many people at the event. It was fun and we got ourselves some goodie bags, free photos from the photobooths and lots and lots of cards and brochures from the exhibitors. And to be honest, it was rather overwhelming. The fiancé and I just want a rather simple wedding. But now it seems even a simple wedding is not as “simple” as it seems. You still gotta care for so many tiny details! 😕

Right now, I’m having a dilemma of whether to purchase a wedding gown or get one made in China. If I end up buying a wedding gown from a local bridal shop, the gown is most likely to be made in China anyway, lol. The only difference is that since it carries a brand, the dress still needs to go through the quality control process before it can be released to the bridal shop. So it is the quality assurance and patented design that I’m buying, really. The problem is,  a wedding gown from the local bridal stores comes with a heftier price tag than the ones online. 😥 Mr S is quite against the idea of me buying the dress online because what if it turns out looking super shitty (LOLOLOL!!!) and by then it’s too late for me to order a proper dress from a local bridal store? I might end up having to spend MORE than I initially wanted to. SIGHHHHH….. I’m going for another bridal gown tryout this Thursday evening and we’ll see how it goes.

Either way, let’s hope that I’ll find myself the perfect dress!!! Wish me luck, guys!! ^_^



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4 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin”

  1. Oh my English. Sorry. Was too engrossed in finishing my assignment. My language just went down the drain. HAHA Anyway, let me redo my comment HAHA *cover malu*

    YAYY!!! Finally a date!!!
    But KahLi, where will your wedding be ah?

    I want to save the date but if it is in Australia, maybe I will just have to courier my love over to you because I won’t be able to travel in September. Let me know 🙂 Xoxo


    1. Esther!!! My wedding will be here in Perth in September 2014. It’s okay if you can’t make it. Appreciate the thought!! ^_^

      I’ll be having another wedding dinner for friends and family back home in December 2014 so perhaps you can come to that instead? =)))


  2. OK dearie! I will settle for the December plan! 😀 I will look forward to it. I hope you will share lots of photos here Xoxo


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