Bought My Dress!!!

YESSS!!! :mrgreen: I put down a deposit for my wedding dress tonight!! Now I just have to wait for 5 months for it to arrive, then I can get the alterations done (because I’m not 6 feet tall like the supermodels, lol!).

Let’s hope the dress turns out as beautiful as I imagined it to be. The thing is, I never got to try it on. The bridal shop that I went to doesn’t stock the model that I was after. And I’ve been lusting over this model all over the web for the past month. I’ve tried searching everywhere online to see which bridal store in Perth has it in stock, but none of them does. 😦

Then this Monday, I had a lightbulb moment. 💡 I thought of asking one of the bridal shops that I visited before to see if they could stock it from the supplier in Spain directly. If I’m not mistaken, this bridal store is the only stockist for this brand in Perth but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I went back to the store today to try on other dresses, one of them having the same silhouette as the dress I was thinking of getting. The pattern and details don’t look as nice as the one I wanted but I just wanted to see how the fabric and design would sit on my body. And I loved it!!! The good news is, the lady at the store told me that they could do a special order for me!!! Initially they told me the dress doesn’t exist though. Well, that’s ‘cos they spelt it wrongly LOL!! I frantically took our my cellphone to show them a photo and the model name and they found it at last! Phew~!

So yes. I got the dress! Another item crossed out on my to-do list for our wedding prep! I can sleep peacefully tonight 😛


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4 thoughts on “Bought My Dress!!!”

  1. That is sooooo exciting!!! Do you know if they carry the brand/ the dress here? There are a few Spanish brands here. I can help you take pictures of the real dress here if you like 🙂


    1. HAHAHAH it’s all very exciting isn’t it? I feel that I sometimes switch into bridezilla mode subconsciously though D: 😯

      Hmm, I’m pretty sure they carry the brand in Melbourne but not sure about that particular model though. It’s a 2014 collection so not all stores have the whole collection yet. It was initially a 2012 collection I think but they gave it a comeback in the 2014 collection, lol.

      Thanks for the offer though!!! >_< How's yours coming along? You also got your dress didn't ya? From VW omg!!!!!


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