How About a Vain Post?


Hehehe… I recently took a photo with Mr S (which I LOVE dearly) at his ex-colleague’s wedding. It’s my current phone wallpaper because I love it that much haha! Taken with my iPhone’s front camera so there was no need for photoshop! Hahahahaha!!! Just added a filter and then it was perfecto!

Mr S & I.jpg


Also joined gym about a week ago? 好像有瘦了点哦!(Self comfort, sigh~)

I really need to get back on track with my wedding planning. Haven’t been doing anything with our wedding prep since before we left for Taiwan!! *Panics* Still quite a lot of things to check off the list and I’ve just been spending time watching drama every night T_T. Well, I do try to visit the gym every other night, if not every night. I just don’t know how long I’ll keep up with it, eek!! I need to keep reminding myself that I gotta 积极减肥/瘦身!!

Also, I really dislike the state of my hair now 😦 It’s thick and heavy and straw-like at the ends. My hair color from my last dye job also came off so I have half a head of ugly brass hair right now. I really wanna do something about it but I don’t wanna spend money on it just yet -_-. Guess I’ll just wait till nearer to the wedding date to figure out what I wanna do with it.

So sorry this blog is rather dead these days. It still beats me how I managed to blog so much back then during my uni years, haha! The constant snapping of photos of the little details of my life back then, the writing of some rather useless rants of my daily life, and the documenting of some of my most inner feelings back then.

Honestly, it’s so hard for me to blog about my life these days. It feels like I’m putting myself out there, willingly allowing others to scrutinize all the nitty-gritty details of my life. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing – being able to publicly blog about your life. There are so many inspirational and enriching bloggers out there who are able to reach out to so many others through their blogs. I just don’t feel that it applies to me. I’m always seeking for assurance and acknowledgement from others. Perhaps I have a low self-esteem that I should take good care of. I need people who will empower me and make me a stronger and better person! I don’t need those who tell me I’m not good enough, those who put me down, those who secretly wish for my downfall.

I hope I will become a much stronger person in 2014. Be less vulnerable, Jess. Put your feet down and take no shit from others!

Anyhoo, I’m signing off now. Sorry for the short update and the random melancholy bullcrap towards the end. Hope it was “short & sweet” for you readers though 😛