Random Nonsense

昨晚又梦见谢霆锋了… 嘻嘻!但和不幸的,霆锋刚出现在我梦里不久后,我就被Koko吵醒了!可悲~



Wedding Prep: Wedding Dress

I got a text message this morning from the bridal this morning saying that my dress has arrived!! It came one month earlier than expected!! I’ve made an appointment to see the dress tomorrow so yes, it is very, very exciting!

Meanwhile, I must force myself to go to the gym tonight because I have gained weight over the Chinese New Year weekend (too much cakes, keropok, cookies and fizzy drinks! )!!

If all goes well, I’m taking the dress home tomorrow and I can start playing dress ups by myself at home now LOL!!! *Cues Roy Orbison’s Oh, Pretty Woman*