My 3-Day Juice Fast with Pressed Earth

Recently I went on a three-day juice fast with Pressed Earth after reading this post written by Deborah. I was so amazed after reading about her juice-cleansing journey and got curious enough to want to try it out myself! I was ready for a detox!

I then came across Pressed Earth, founded by The Beare brothers. Pressed Earth is “your local cold-pressed juice company, offering healthy juices and multi-day juice cleanses to the people of Perth.”

It was my very first attempt at a multi-day juice cleanse program and I couldn’t decide between doing a three-day program or a six-day program with another cold-pressed juice company from Melbourne. Finally, I decided to go with Pressed Earth as supporting local businesses is always good. Plus, that means my juices will be fresher because they’re produced locally and delivered to my door within the shortest time frame.

Pressed Earth Juices

So, these were my “meals” for three days last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The juices are numbered and they recommend us to consume them in that order, but you don’t necessarily have to. But being the law-abiding citizen that I am (haha!), I went with the sequence they’ve pre-arranged for us:

  1. Greens Kale & Apple – For Iron
    (granny smith apple, kale, silverbeet, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, lemon)
  2. The Jungle – For Electrolytes
    (pear, pineapple, cucumber, mint)
  3. Greens Broccoli & Apple – For Strength
    (granny smith apple, broccoli, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, lemon)
  4. Appetite – For Hunger
    (lemon, pear, cayenne, mineral water)
  5. Alphabet – For Circulation
    (pink lady apple, carrot, beetroot, lemon, ginger)
  6. Coco Nuts – For Recovery
    (almonds, coconut water, mineral water)

All the juices tasted good, way better than expected! My favorite was no. 2 “The Jungle” and my least favorite was no. 5 “Alphabet” as the ginger taste was really strong.

I must say that I did fairly well for those three days. I was only hungry by around 8pm every night but by then, I’d be sipping my last juice of the day “Coco Nuts” so it was alright. I wasn’t craving for food or anything. Things weren’t quite the same with Mr S though, haha! Oh yes, he did the juice cleanse with me! Mr S was super hungry even from Day 1 already!

During my Day 1, I got super gassy by around 11:30 am after my second juice. I constantly felt the need to pass gas, which wasn’t very good considering I was in the office during then, hahahahaha!!! The same goes with Day 2. By Day 3, it was much, much better.

There was not much problem with my bowel movement either. It was perfectly normal every morning for the three consecutive days. Had a little bit of diarrhea in the afternoons on the second and third day though, but it wasn’t like bad or anything.

Physical wise, I think I did lose some fats around my waist area. Unfortunately, I don’t have a scale at home so I couldn’t weigh myself before and after the juice cleanse. But, I did take some snapshots of the morning-afters.

From left to right: Morning after Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

I think my love handles have shrunk by a little (see bottom row). The hip bones also seemed more defined in the top right photo.

All in all, I think my juice-fast went pretty well! It’s not a vast difference but it was still evident. Plus, I felt healthy, great and so refreshed afterwards!

And well, the bad news is, my tummy has gone back to its original size if not bigger after feasting non-stop during the long weekend! LOL.

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