Bye 小 Jazz!

Okay, here comes my obligatory post for the month of May since I haven’t blogged for one whole month, haha!

So, something big happened towards the end of April last month. I sold my car – 小Jazz!! If you don’t already know, 小Jazz had been with me ever since I finished my final year degree here in Perth in December 2006! It was a graduation gift from my mum (and well, a rather expensive one in my opinion cos it’s a friggin’ car yo!) and of course, I loved it to bits!

I always thought that it’s just the car for me since it’s a Jazz, sort of rhyming with my name Jess, hehehehe… and I’m also a fan of jazz music! Hahahaha!

Just last month, we decided it was time for us to get a new car. By impulse. -_- We were browsing for cars online and came across one that we’ve always said we were gonna buy. It was the last one left but it was all the way down in Mandurah. -_- And yes, we drove all the way there just to look at the car still, hahahahaha!!! -_- And bought it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Xiao Jazz

And just like that, I had to let 小Jazz go… I hope his new mum is treating him well!!

Bye 小Jazz~ 😥

With Xiao Bai

With 小白, our new car! Hope we will create many happy memories with it 🙂

小白is a 7-seater people mover by the way. And the first thing my brother said when I told him we bought the car was, are you planning to have five kids? -_-

Anyways, what else have I been up to lately…

I got Mr S to cut my hair. HAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, you heard it right. It was kinda freaky now that I think back about it. I was giving him a haircut one afternoon and I just couldn’t stand how heavy my hair was getting, so I tied it up in a ponytail on top of my head and told him to just snip the part I was holding unto off.

When I let my hair down, parts of it was shorter than I expected it to be. I did all of this without considering the fact that the wedding is only four months away. 😯

Thank goodness the length was still alright. Maybe the hairstyles that I can potentially do for the wedding is less now but it’s still ain’t that bad.

Good hair day

Here’s a photo of it on a good hair day! Layered cut, most of the brassy yellowish golden ends have been snipped off.

After gym

And this is just a random photo that I took last night after gym. Nope, I am still not toned. No abs visible and tummy is still flabby. HAHA!

Okay bye, off to cook kolomee for the first time tonight!!!!!!