Bidding 2014 Farewell

Today being the last day of Year 2014, it’s only fair that I write a short blog post about the past year.

March 2014 – Marks the last year of me in my twenties. The Big Three-O is only two months and 2 days away. Time certainly flies!

April/May 2014 – Finally bought my very own first car! Upgraded from my trusty ol’ Jazz, which mum gifted me as a graduation present, to an Odyssey. People tend to think that I’m prepping myself for 5 children in the future.

September 2014 – The biggest event in my life this year is that Mr S and I finally tied the knot after going out for close to seven years! XD What can I say? It feels amazing to be married when you’ve married the right person. ^^’

December 2014 – Spent Christmas back home with my family. ❤ Also had our second wedding reception for our families and friends back home in Miri.

Mr & Mrs S

Year 2014 was definitely smashing for us and we are so grateful and contented!

However, we mustn’t forget about those who have lost their lives/loved ones in the tragic incidents that occurred during the year. To those who haven’t had a good year in 2014, soldier on and face the new year with courageous and fearless hearts.

I’m welcoming Year 2015 with my open arms and I’m excited to see what it has in store for us. 😉