Wanderlust: Europe

Travel BrochuresEver since the husband and I got married, we’ve had friends and family members urging us to travel before we settle down and have kids. I must admit, all the urging caused my heart to stir and my desire to travel grew each time, haha! The world is so big and there is so much out there waiting for us to explore and to experience in person. And if we are comfortable enough to travel now, why not?

So I took the courtesy of booking our tickets to Paris this year! Paris will be the first city in Europe which we’ll set our feet on. I’ve read both the good and bad reviews about Paris but I’m going to visit this city with an open heart and an open mind. Expect nothing extraordinary and I’m sure we’ll be surprised (in a good way).

We have a few other cities on the list as well and it’ll take us months to plan this trip throughout, I’m sure.

But it will be worth it!


Telethon Freeway Bike Hike

Hi guys!!

I’m riding in the Telethon Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma this year on Sunday 22nd March!

It will require every ounce of breath that I have – which is why I am raising money for the Asthma Foundation WA to support people living with asthma.

It will be a rewarding experience for myself and a small monetary support from any of you will be absolutely amazing.

Please kindly head over to my page here to show your support!

Thank you!!!!

New Look

Yayyy!! My website had just undergone a makeover last weekend, hehe… Was getting a little bored with the previous template, which I’ve used for years, but served me well nonetheless.

What do you guys think of the new look? I’m pretty fond of it to be honest, haha! Love the minimalistic and monochrome design. Can’t wait to fill the blog with more posts and updates this year as I’ve been so slack (blogging-wise) for the past few years.

Anyway, I should get going now. Quite refreshing to be blogging early in the morning before I get ready for work for a change! Tata!