Update at 34 Weeks

So, I’m into my 35th week of pregnancy today! Just another 6 more weeks to go until we meet little bub!

I must admit, my bump is getting so big and heavy that it’s starting to get more and more uncomfortable for me, physically. And I must say, sailing through the third trimester doesn’t seem that easy for me! Let’s see, where shall I start?

The snoring. URGH. I haven’t snored this much in my life, seriously! Well, the snoring doesn’t affect me much, really. But poor Mr S had to put up with it every single night before he decided to start using ear plugs when he goes to sleep, hahaha!

Insomnia. I get insomnia on random nights these days. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep in less than five minutes after I hit the sack. But I’d be wide awake at two or three AM in the morning, eyes wide open and not being able to go back to sleep. I don’t know if this is my body trying to get used to the frequent sleep-wake intervals when the baby is out.

Bloating & heartburn. My bloating is back!!! *Cries* 😥 Sometimes I just feel like my tummy is about to explode after a light meal. T_T

Clumsiness. I broke a glass in the office about three weeks ago and a plate just two days ago. Sometimes I can’t even stand up straight and I feel like I’m about to topple anytime, lol. Even fetching my printouts from the printer seems difficult at times. I usually end up dropping all the paper on the floor and having to bend down and pick them up is a total *****.

The Weight & Size. I have gained almost ten kilos thus far! I must’ve eaten A LOT during my pregnancy to have gained the weight of a big bag of rice. And I’m telling you, it’s not fun having to carry the weight of a bag of rice around your belly the whole time! 😦 Today as I walked from my front lawn to my front door (with a very slight uphill), I actually felt TIRED! Man… I guess this is what I get for not doing any exercise at all once I found out I was pregnant! Moving on to getting some sleep. Sleeping on my back feels uncomfortable now due to the pressure from the growing uterus. But having to constantly sleep on one side gave me sharp pain in my ribs. 😦 Also, I’m left with veeeeeery few pieces of clothing that I can still fit in now. It’s so hard to fully cover up my bump now!!!

Lower Immune SystemI was down with a nasty flu a few weeks ago. Pregnant women are more prone to serious illnesses as their immune system is weakened. I had fever and a sore throat, followed by a bad cough. The coughing part was the worst as it was affecting my sleep and I just felt so sorry for the baby! I couldn’t help but think that the baby can’t rest too when I cough cos my body shakes so vigorously when I cough. And how noisy it must be for the baby every time I cough! Last Friday, I even popped my rib joint on my back while coughing. It was soooo darn painful that I was gonna cry! Driving home from work that evening was plain torture. Every single time I coughed, I just felt the sharp pain on my back and I had to make sure that my foot doesn’t jerk and I’d accidentally accelerate the car, lol!

Nevertheless, bonding time with little bub inside of me is the best in my last trimester! Baby has grown soooo much after seven months plus and I can feel his/her movements throughout the day every single day! 🙂

Did I mention that this baby is soooo active and drastic in his/her movements? Just the other night as I was lying on my side, I suddenly felt a weird sensation on my belly so I lifted my shirt to have a look. Lo and behold, my tummy was sticking out at a weird angle on one side!!! It was either the baby’s elbow or knee sticking out as far as possible as if doing the biggest stretch ever! Mr S was a bit grossed out but held out his hand to touch it still, hahahaha! Now I’m wondering if I’m having an alien baby inside 😛 Anyway, when I reached for my phone to try to record a video of it, my alien baby stopped the show. Booooo.

Meanwhile, I’m posting another video I managed to record two weeks earlier when I was 32 weeks pregnant! Enjoy!


Meeting Lil’ K!

Mr S and I spent a long weekend in Melbourne last month to finally meet our nephew, Kayden!

Our flight to Melbourne was very comfortable with Virgin Australia. Managed to watch two movies on the plane and before we knew it, we’ve reached our destination! Hehehe… We were quite lucky to have an empty seat next to us so we still had some ‘personal space’ to us, haha. Mind you, I was already 29 weeks pregnant then. So, bump was kinda protruding already by then, lol. Any extra space that we can have to ourselves is a bonus!

We spent four lovely days in Melbourne with my brother in law’s family. Had a really, really, really good time with them, especially with the little one! He’s really a bundle of joy! ❤ It’s a shame he was teething during the weekend we were there though so he wasn’t in his best mood the whole time. Poor baby had fever and wasn’t eating so well. Nevertheless, he was his cheeky little self whenever he felt better! Can’t get enough of his smiles and laughters, hehehe…

As for myself, I was spoilt rotten by them!!! I don’t think I’ve been cared for or spoilt this much in my adult life haha! Felt so, so loved! 🙂

Mr S & Kayden

I must say that Mr S is well loved by the nephew. He surely knew how to crack the little one up with his silly actions and stuff, hahaha! And it’s the first time I’ve seen him carry a toddler that much before! Mr S had always been quite afraid to handle kids, hahaha!

With Kayden

Here’s one of the two of us with lil’ K! Oh, how we miss you little one!

P.S.: Can’t wait to meet the little one of our own! ❤ ❤ Less than 8 weeks more to go!!! ^^’