Naomi’s Birth Story

(NOTE: I initially drafted this post in mid-July but have only managed to complete this post today and it’s September in two days πŸ˜‘)

It’s 9pm now on a quiet Friday night. Mr S is out playing badminton and Naomi is asleep in the bedroom (hopefully soundly so I can write as much as I’d like to tonight).

I’m writing this post today so I could remember what sort of happened on the day we welcomed our very first child into our lives. I know it’s already been seven and a half months now (and I’m kicking myself for not deciding to write this earlier), but better late than never, right?

Okay, I’m gonna base this whole post on Whatsapp conversation between my mum and I ‘cos I can refer to the timestamp on our messages to figure out what sorta happened throughout the day, hahahaha!!

Before we dive right into what happened on D-day, here are some of the short notes I wrote on my phone.

28 November

Couldn’t sleep last night as I was too excited about mummy and Nini arriving!! Picked them up early in the morning and had breakfast at home. Went to Cockburn gateway for shopping then had lunch at lezat. Lg spent the whole day fixing car stuff -.- so didn’t spend time together after late evening. Had dinner at home. Soooo good to finally have them here and mummy said baby is soooo guai for waiting hahaha!! QQ and yiyi them came over for chit chat at night.

29 November

Church in the morning then dimsum at Dragon Palace. Went to Spud Shed and Riverton to buy taufu fa. Lg went for baddy and Nini went to Garden City with Charlene and Charlotte. Mum and I went to Riverton to shop for groceries and Christmas decor. Cooked dinner at home. Read a prayer on Sunday bulletin that seems to be meant for me. Maybe I’m meant to go into labour tonight? Hehehehe. I can’t wait!! Getting so uncomfortable now. Can’t wait to meet our little one!! Baby, please do come out soon!!! Yiyi, Charlene and Charlotte came over tonight.

1 December

Went out early today after breakfast to send lg to site. Went to Carousel shopping and lunching. Bought thermal flask and metal container from an Asian store haha. Watched OMV and it’s getting soooo good!!!!! Baby is still not here yet today! Everyone’s asking!! Lol.

2 December

Still no sign of delivering today! πŸ˜” stayed at home today to watch drama, cook and relax. Set up the Christmas tree tonight :))

4 December

Officially 40 weeks pregnant today!! Baby is supposed to be due today! Went to see Dr McKenna and he says I’ll likely need to be induced on Sunday. Had the Dr do a quick scan on the baby’s heart rate and baby seems to be happy and healthy πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I didn’t bring my glasses into the room so I couldn’t make out what I was looking at! -_- Lg says baby has fat cheeks hahaha!! He was so scared we’d accidentally see the baby’s genitals so he kept covering my eyes and he also looked away after saying, “Okay good! Okay good!” quickly, hoping the Dr would stop scanning the bladder part lol!!!!!

5 December

Woke up to pee twice last night and had a bloody show this morning! Just started getting some period cramps-like pain. Maybe baby is coming!!!! 😌😌😌

Hahahahahaha reading these entries really brings back a lot of fond memories of when mum and sis were here and we were all so eagerly waiting for the arrival of the little one!

So, at about 5am in the morning on 5th of December 2015, I woke up to pee. I then noticed some red/brown patches in my panties!! Which is also known as a bloody show. And when you get a bloody show, it means your baby is coming soon!!! So I went back to bed and that’s when I realized that I was having some period cramps-like pain. They were so very mild, which was why I didn’t even realize that I was having them at first! So, I gently woke the husband up and told him about the bloody show and the cramps I was having. He was getting quite happy and excited ‘cos at that point in time, we really wanted the baby to come already, haha!

I forgot to mention that baby was full term already by then at 40 weeks + 1 day. And I really didn’t wanna be induced the following day, which was what had been scheduled for me by my OB.

So, I was like, okay baby, let’s do this! Bring on the contractions! COME ON! We can do this!

When morning came, I woke up and went to tell mum and sis about it and they were both thrilled! By then, I’ve started timing my mild contractions. They were inconsistent and happening between every 3-6 minutes.

We then had breakfast at home. Then, we went to the market at 7 or 8 something so mum can shop for some chicken to make my confinement food, hahahaha!! I remember getting quite impatient already as my contractions were annoyingly close to each other. I thought they were supposed to be further apart when you first started having them?

Finally, we rang the hospital and asked if we should now head to the hospital. Mind you, my water hadn’t broke yet by then so I wasn’t sure if I should just wait it out at home or be monitored closely in the hospital. We were told to head into the hospital so off we went at 9am in the morning (after I took one last nice shower at home before confinement starts, haha). We were swiftly taken into a birthing suite and I had the option of either wearing my own clothes of choice or a hospital gown to deliver the baby. I chose the gown for drama’s sake, hahahahahahaha!!! πŸ™„

My first mid-wife then checked my progress (which involved a very, very intrusive process of having someone stick their fingers up your vagina πŸ˜­) and I was 2 cm dilated. She said I was in early labour so they won’t send me home, lol. So now, we gotta wait until I go into active labour and finally, the transitional labour (delivery)! I started pacing around the room, taking deep breaths whenever the contractions came. This went on for about 3 hours and then it was lunch time!

Hospital Lunch

Mr S was getting quite bored by then and was more interested in watching cartoons on the TV, hahahaha!! We could hear another woman screaming while giving birth in one of the rooms next to ours. πŸ˜₯ I think we heard about three babies being delivered that morning while waiting for our own, if I’m not mistaken.

Mr S & I in Hospital

Last photo together before we become mummy and daddy to our beautiful daughter.

Two and a half hours later, they checked my progress but I haven’t progressed as fast as they’d wanted me to. πŸ˜” So, they were going to break my water for me. It was also then that I decided to get my epidural as I didn’t wanna wait till the pain was too much for me to endure. But guess what, I waited for about an hour to get my epidural in because the anaesthesiologist had to head to an emergency operation when he was called in. 😒

Epidural In

Thank God the process went smoothly for me and I felt much, much better afterwards. I could smile again! They then ruptured my membrane and put me on hormone drip in hopes of speeding up the process. I couldn’t feel much pain (or any at all) when they ruptured the membrane ‘cos of the epidural, but I could feel a warm gush of water flowing out. The midwife then told me that baby did a poo poo inside ‘cos they could tell from the colour of my “water”/amniotic fluid. By then, it was already 4pm.

At 5:29pm, mum texted me and asked how was I progressing. I was only 4cm dilated by then, contracting about every two minutes. I think I just went into the active labour stage then. I had to top up my epidural because the drips made my contractions more painful than before. And when I went to the toilet to pee, I fell down to the ground ‘cos I couldn’t feel my legs!!! 😱😱😱 I scared the shit out of my second midwife hahahahahaha and she said she’d never believe what I said anymore (‘cos when she asked if I was okay I nodded and said yes and proceeded to walk to the toilet by myself. Mr S went home during then to shower and pack some stuff). Well luckily, I fell on all fours and didn’t hit my belly at all. I did bruise my knee though but it was nothing, really.

Within the next three hours or so, I progressed quite quickly and was finally 7cm dilated!!! The midwife had been updating my OB regarding my progress and I was told that in half an hour’s time, I could start pushing! 😱

Sure enough, half an hour later, I was fully dilated! FINALLY, THE TIME HAS COME!!! Let’s do this! I was ready!! πŸ’ͺ🏻

My OB came in soon after and my midwife and nurses started preparing me for the labour. It was 9:30pm. I was made to lie on my side and to start pushing. My midwife taught me when and how to breathe and push. I didn’t do it quite right at first but I got better after a few tries.

All I remember is that I pushed and pushed with every contraction that came (with epidural, I could still feel the sensation of them coming). I pushed like never before. Kin said there were times when I forgot to breathe in while pushing and he had to remind me. He was so, so, so supportive the whole time; never letting go of my hand.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite manage to push the baby all the way out. At this point, the oxygen level for the baby became quite low and my OB decided to intervene. He and the midwife then started looking for some equipment in the room. He couldn’t quite install it to the end of my bed for some reason and I don’t know what happened in the end ‘cos I was busy pushing still, lol!

Anyway, everything happened so quickly the next moment, I seriously can’t remember it in detail anymore. I know that they propped my legs up wide open and told me to give one BIGGGGG push!!! And I did. I was told that I’ll feel huge pressure at the bottom. Halfway through giving the biggest push of my life, my OB gave me an episiotomy (couldn’t feel it at this point) and stuck a soft vacuum inside me and sucked the baby’s head out of me, lol!! I was told to stop pushing at that point and just do quick pants while the baby slides out of me.

It was then when I first heard a low, soft cry. It wasn’t a loud cry like you would’ve seen in the movies, or like the cries of other babies which I heard that morning. And gosh, was I in shock and awe when I saw them pull the baby out of me and I saw the baby for the very first time!!! (It was 10:02pm.)

It’s so big! And it’s a human baby! I thought to myself. This is my baby.

They handed me the baby immediately and I held the baby to my chest like it was the most natural thing to do. Kin and I both wrapped our arms around this tiny little being that just came into the world. I kissed the baby; Kin kissed me on my forehead. I was tearing up just looking at the baby as it made small jerky movements in my arms. :~)

You’re finally here! And you’re perfect. I love you so much already.

As quickly as they placed the baby in my arms, they took the baby away from me just as quickly. They took the baby across the other side of the room and surrounded the baby as it came out a little blue. Kin later told me that the doctor used a tube to suck the meconium out of the baby’s mouth and nose, presumably to clear the airways. The doctor then gave the baby mouth-to-mouth to help the baby breathe as the baby’s oxygen level was still very low.

Can you imagine how worried I was at this point in time? There was nothing I could do but to watch the professionals do what they know best to save/help my baby and PRAY that everything will be okay. Thank God the baby turned out alright! The APGAR score was poor but as long as the baby was alright, nothing else mattered.

My OB then switched his attention back to me. I had to deliver my placenta and he had to stitch me up after while the midwives took care of the baby. And up until this point, we still didn’t know the gender of our baby!!! Kin and I didn’t even think about asking as everything happened too quickly and we just wanted the baby to be alright. I asked the doctor if the baby is alright while he was stitching me up and only then, he thought of asking the midwives if we just had a boy or a girl, hahahahaha!!!

The nurses replied, “It’s a girl!!”

IT’S A GIRL!!! Kin and I exchanged glances and I had the biggest grin on my face right then. We were ecstatic! And I know how much my husband had wanted a baby girl, hahaha.

So there it is, the birth story of our firstborn – Naomi. πŸ‘ΆπŸ» Thank you Lord for Your great blessing upon us!! We promise to love her more than we would ever love ourselves. ❀️
First pic with Nomi


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