Dreaming About Maldives

Happy New Year, guys!! 🎆 Can’t believe it’s almost the end of the first month of 2018 already.

It’s gonna be Chinese New Year in less than three weeks’ time. Unfortunately, we’re not flying back to celebrate CNY back in Miri again this year. Hope those of you who are will have a fantastic time though!

So, I’ve finally, finally, FINALLY taken the time to compile a short video about our honeymoon in Maldives close to three and a half years ago, hahahahahahaha!!! 🤣 It’s more like snippets of our snorkelling experience in the Indian Ocean though.

We went looking for a whale shark in the ocean but luck was not on our side. We didn’t see any. 😢 We saw manta rays though throughout our stay there and they’re sooooo magnificent!!! But we were too chickened out to dive into the ocean and swim with it ‘cos the water was really, really deep at the end of the jetty. I just wasn’t brave enough or game enough to do the whole YOLO thing, boohoo!! 😩 We saw sea turtles too but didn’t manage to take any videos of them. We did, however, come across this awesome stingray right under our water villa!!! Said stingray is featured in the video so do have a lookout for it!

Had a major desire to go back while I was editing the mini clips for this video. 😭 Seriously need another vacation like this soon… Dylan’s separation anxiety is really driving me up the wall these days 😞 I dread night time to come every day because I know I’m going to have to deal with a screaming, anxious baby the whole night. The other night, he would wake up every forty minutes and I was this close to snapping. I told Kin I really wanna bang my head against the wall or throw the baby out. 🤬 I really, really hope that this phase will be over soon… 🙏