Birthday Bash!

Oh hey!! I’m in the mood to blog tonight since I just had one of the most amazing birthday celebration the last weekend!

Yours truly turned a year wiser last Sunday, hehehe… It was a long weekend here in Perth so it made my birthday even better! Pre-birthday celebration started on Saturday afternoon with a picnic with a small group of family and friends at Beelu National Park in Mundaring, hahaha! The weather was… scorching hot – it was around 38 degree Celsius when we reached!


I actually thought there would be fields of green grass and a running stream, LOL!

I must say, although there wasn’t much view/scenery where we decided to camp, the food and company was great! 🙂 We had pizzas a while after at Little Caesar’s. The last time I went there was in May 2009! How time flies!

Anyway, fast forward to the birthday bash on Sunday evening!! Hip, hip, hooray!

Birthday banner

Fiona made me this beeeeaaauuuutiiifulll banner for my birthday!!! I love, love, love the colors! They’re soooo pretty and I simply love it! Did I mention that it’s a rather significant birthday for me this year as it’s my last year celebrating as Miss Voon and the last year of my twenties!! *Gasps*

Birthday 1

Birthday 2


So. Much. Good. Food!!! The dining table was filled with delicious food and we were all very well-fed that night, hahahaha!! Thanks to all the chefs and bakers for the night!!!

Birthday 3

We used to think that our dining table is too big for the house and for the two of us. But, I always knew it’d be great for entertaining guests! Look how cozy it is having everyone gathered around the table!! Awww…… We should definitely host more parties/gatherings in the future, hehehe…

Birthday 4

Birthday 5

Birthday 6

Birthday cupcakes

There’s always room in our tummies for CUPCAKES!!! Fiona made these super cute and pretty looking cupcakes! Most of all, they taste as good as they look! Those mini Oreos are just too cute! ❤

Tiramisu birthday cake

And this ladies and gentlemen, is my birthday cake – tiramisu chocolate berry cake, made by Mr S!!! I know it looks a little “wobbly” here (lol!!) but trust me when I say it actually tastes divine!! It’s his first time making a cake from scratch (yup, including lining the baking tin!) and yet, it’s a tremendous success! Gotta give it to the man!! Thank you Mr S! I LOVED MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! ♥ ♥

Birthday 7

This is a very happy birthday girl. I seriously felt like a kid once again that night… to be surrounded by so many loved ones – family and friends and my husband-to-be!

Birthday 8

Birthday 9

Birthday 10

This is me thinking of what wish to make after everyone sang me the birthday song (both English and Cantonese versions, hahahahaha awwww… <3)..

Birthday 11

Birthday 12

 Hair NEEDS to be fixed. -_-

Birthday 13

Very happy men, hahahaha!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, who sent me birthday wishes from afar, who kept me in your prayers…… I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you for continuing to be part of my life, continuing in loving me and giving me so much joy! A big thanks to my mum, who endured all the pain in giving birth to me 29 years ago, without whom I wouldn’t be here today!! I love you mummy! Most of all, praise be to God for all His blessings upon me all these years and for every second of my life! THANK YOU!!!


Restoration Project: Mid-Century Armchair

Just a quick update for tonight. I completed another restoration project last weekend (hooray!!) – a mid-century armchair.

When we got the chair, it came with original white leather covers, which have turned yellow over the years. And it made this really annoying squeaky sound when you sit on it that goes, POOOH-oooshhh…! I decided to give it new coats of varnish and new covers so we won’t have to sit on the dirty, used covers and also so it doesn’t make that funny noise when one sits on it.

The sewing part was not easy, just as I expected, because it looked quite difficult having to make holes on the back cover for the metal frame and screws at the sides to go through. Nevertheless, I managed and it didn’t turn out so bad-looking after all!! Phew~ But I think I’ll take a break from sewing for quite some time, haha.

This was taken using a DSLR.

And this by iPhone. Not bad, huh? I actually think the iPhone’s one looks more vintage-y. Haha!

Restoration Project: Retro Telephone Table

This is my latest completed restoration project – a retro telephone table.

Retro Telephone Table 1

I reupholstered the seat as the old one was extremely dusty and dirty. Also gave it new coats of timber varnish.

Retro Telephone Table 2

Haven’t decided whether to keep or to sell as I would’ve preferred a different set of legs on it.

Funny how it’s called a telephone table and I don’t even have a telephone on it, haha! The thing is, we don’t have a telephone socket where we placed the table. Mr S was suggesting that I buy a vintage phone to place on the table but not use it, haha!! I might just do that, I think. 😉

Creative Project: DIY Headboard

Hello lovelies! I finally came across something blog-worthy this week, hehehehe. Yours truly completed another DIY project with Mr S this week (actually Mr S did most of the tough job while I just gave him instructions, lol! :lol:) and I can’t wait to show you the final outcome!

So, WE completed a headboard this week!! I’ve been wanting a tufted headboard ever since I saw this one from Urban Outfitters. Targets in US sell plenty of nice looking headboards as well for reasonable prices. But I can’t seem to find any within my budget in Perth 😦 I tried looking for them on Gumtree as well but no one seems to be selling them at all, boohoo. So when I found out that people actually MAKE their own headboards, I thought, AHA! Maybe I can make my own too! And onto the to-do list it went!

Last week, we finally took the time to finally begin this long-awaited DIY project idea of mine, haha. Honestly, I thought I might never come around to actually doing this project because that’s how slacked I am. Anyway, I’m glad we decided to just go for it because we really love how it turned out, yay!!!

I won’t go into lengthy discussion of how we actually made the board, you can find plenty of tutorials online by searching “DIY headboard”. I took instructions from a few different sites and combined them. The duration of the project took longer than I expected though because other bloggers made it seem quite easy! Maybe we’re just not very good at DIY, lol! 😦

Okay, let me show you some photos I took of it today!


Our DIY headboard! I’m not very good with the tufting so you can’t really see the “diamonds” here. Or it could be just that the fabric that I used wasn’t the easiest to deal with. I got the fabric (premium linen) from Spotlight in “stone”. This was actually the second piece that I got because the first piece that I got wasn’t quite what I wanted and I only realized that when I got home and put it against our bedroom wall 😦 Now I just have to find something to do with that first piece of fabric that I got.

Headboard leg

The legs are from Bunnings. I didn’t actually know that Bunnings stock furniture legs as well! What a pleasant surprise! And I painted them white.

Bedroom 1

This is our bedroom now. It looks more “finished” with the headboard against the wall! I LOVE IT!!!

Bedroom 2

One more from the front. I’m thinking of adding more colors to the bed – thinking of getting cushions with pop of colors or with funky patterns to liven things up a bit more.

Bedroom 3

So, what do you think of our new DIY headboard? Yay or nay?

A Twist to Our Glass Base Table Lamps

A Twist to Our Glass Base Table Lamp

Repost from my Instagram account. Sorry if you guys have seen this already.

Partly filled our glass base table lamps with pebbles last week and I quite like how they turned out! ❤

Can’t wait for our next DIY project but it will have to wait till next year though since I’ll be flying home in less than two weeks’ time. Getting all excited already right now, hehehehehe… It’s a shame Mr S won’t be accompanying me this time around ‘cos he has to take care of Koko at home so we won’t get to spend Christmas together 😦

Oh well, there’s always next year darlin’ 🙂

Creative Project: Glass Base Table Lamps

Hi everyone, glad it’s the weekend once again. How’s yours been so far? The mister and I have been kept busy the whole day today. Spent the morning doing gardening in our front yard, trimming hedges, pruning overgrown plants and weeding. There were light showers in the morning so we stopped a little in between. We finally got everything done after lunchtime, hooray!

I started surfing the net for table lamps after lunch. I’ve been hunting for nice table lamps for our bedroom for quite some time now but the ones I fancy are just too expensive. For example, I came to like Wilshire table lamps (with stacked crystal balls) but the nicer looking ones would cost over $150, boohoo!! Here are two that I fell in love with from Pottery Barn itself alone!

Stacked Crystal Table Lamp from Pottery Barn. So pretty!!!

Atrium Glass Table Lamp from Pottery Barn. So amazing that one could put different unique items into the lamp base! Love the idea of this.

Since these lamps are way over our budget, I decided we should just make our own table lamps! I pestered the mister to accompany me shopping for the materials needed for this DIY project and he very reluctantly obliged, lol!!! Reason being he was in the middle of his Assassins Creed 3 gaming session hahahaha!

Anyway, we spent the next two and a half hours shopping for the materials, can you believe it? Had to get each item in different shops altogether, most of our time was wasted on just driving alone.

Once we got home, I couldn’t wait to start working on the project right away, lol! In the end, I didn’t end up doing anything, ‘cos the glass drilling bit seemed too dangerous and I was a little scared to do it as well, so I got the mister to do it instead hahahaha! As expected, he worked on the electrical bits as well. I took charge of holding the glasses in place while he drilled holes in them, washed them, towel-dried them and placed them on our bedside tables. Phew, that was a LOT of work back there 😛

And this is the final result of our DIY project!!!

I love it to bits!!! And they cost less than $50 each!

Can’t wait to work on our next DIY project soon!! Yayyy!!!

Creative Project: The Laundry

Hiii! I’m alive, not dead! Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog at all. I’ve sort of lost my touch with blogging these days. I no longer have anything interesting enough to blog about, boohoo. My life used to be so dramatic! What happened then?!

Anyhoo, I have some spare time on my hands tonight, plus Kin’s out fishing tonight so I have the whole house to Koko and I, teehee. I had a long, hot bath just then ‘cos it’s just been another crazy day at work today. I wanna grab some bath essentials this weekend if possible. But, as much as I love nice, long, hot baths, I can’t do it very often since I gotta save water for summer.

Oh and before I forget, I gotta reveal what the synthetic turf was used for as mentioned in my previous post.

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Creative Project: Synthetic Turf

Kin and I are both spending plenty of time and energy on the house now – mainly on DIY projects since buying the actual stuff to accomplish what we have on mind appears to be too costly.

We are going to revamp a couple of areas around the house by ourselves instead of hiring tradies and or handymen to do the job for us. This is all very exciting for us since we’ve never done it before (fingers crossed everything will turn out okay!) plus it’s such an awesome feeling when we see the final outcome! The sense of achievement is tremendously satisfying, hehehehe.

So, we used synthetic turf in one of our projects. Can you guess where this is going?

Will reveal this soon!

Our Nest: The Walk-In “Wardrobe”

Helllooo, look who’s blogging again? Hehe… I’m giving you guys a sneak peek of my walk-in “wardrobe” today (technically, it’s a room LOL)! I know it’s nothing like Carrie’s walk-in wardrobe in SATC: The Movie but it’s enough to make me happy!!!

I finally organised all our clothing yesterday so no more boxfuls of clothing lying around the house, lol. *Pats self on the back*

Welcome, people! This is the smallest room of the house. I couldn’t think of a better use of the room so I thought, why not make it my walk-in “wardrobe”? Teehee!

Got this rack from Ikea when Kin’s dad was visiting earlier in March this year as he needed some place to hang his shirts. Wardrobe from Ikea as well (quite an Ikea fan I am)! Fiona and I assembled this baby together when we moved last year (aww……)  ❤

And yes, I got this mirror from Ikea as well, hahahaha! Got it while it was on sale. I’d been wanting to grab one since forever but thought it was too pricey so I waited. I guess good things come to those who wait, LOL!

I never meant for the room to turn out to be white-themed, it just so happened to be so. I definitely will be giving the room some colors in the future, no doubt about it. Will also need an ottoman for this room so I can sit back while I pick out my daily outfit in the future, HAHAHAHA! Can’t waittt!!!

Our Nest: The Beginning

Bonjour tout le monde, I’m blogging today!

As some of you may know already, I’ve recently moved again. To my very own place this time! I am officially a home owner now! *Screams*

Getting our own place was such an exciting yet stressful experience for us. It’s a long story and I’m not really going to elaborate ‘cos I’m lazy like that, ha! Basically our finance broker eff-ed things up for us pretty badly and it has just been a paaaainful experience dealing with them and having to face the troubles they’ve caused us. Thank God everything turned out okay in the end, we still got the house and I can’t be any happier right now. Unless someone drops me bags of gold at my doorstep tonight (so I can pay off my ridiculously obscene amount of mortgage 😥 ). Now that will make me very, very, very happy…… 😆

I’m loving the new place right now. It has big, wide windows that give the whole house plentiful of natural light, cathedral ceiling that makes the living area look a lot more spacious than it really is and plenty of storage. Now I will definitely be spending lots of time and effort in creating my own little cozy home. 

A photo I snapped of Koko sleeping in the living room. Please excuse my naked footstool, couch and cushions hahahaha! The covers were all in the wash that day. I promise they are all clothed now. 😛