Welcome, Baby Dylan!

Hiii!! Sorry for the brief hiatus. I was busy giving birth and caring for a newborn baby, lol!!!

So yes, the baby is finally here!!! It’s a boy and Mr S and I named him Dylan Gabriel Wai-Zhun Soong. He weighed a decent 3.32kg when he was born, hahaha! No wonder I felt like my tummy was about to explode towards the end of my pregnancy. And those stretch marks…!! 😱 I only had very few when I had Naomi but when I was carrying Dylan, they just popped up every week in my last trimester. Oh well, they are my proud battle scars!

One thing you get a lot when people know you’re pregnant with your second one is that they’ll tell you it’ll be a lot easier with the second one. Some make it sound like the baby will slide out of you just like that!

So, I went into the birthing suite with the expectation that it’s gonna be so much easier this time. But goshhhh, was I wrong! I certainly dilated a lot faster but still, the baby wasn’t in a good position so we waited a good 12 hours since I went into the hospital before he finally came out and greeted me with his sepet eyes, lol!!! Also went through the whole epidural and suction ordeal ‘cos he didn’t turn and wasn’t coming down the birth canal as smoothly as expected.

Anyway, the important thing is that he’s out, lol! And he’s a healthy baby! That’s all that matters.

Dylan newborn

Welcome, little one!!!

Naomi meets Dylan

Naomi was quite pleased to meet didi for the very first time.

Dylan and I were stuck in the hospital for extra three days this time as the baby had jaundice and his bilirubin levels didn’t go down as quickly as expected so he had to undergo phototherapy. 😣 The wait to be discharged was horrible each day. We were let down again and again and poor bubba had to undergo the heel prick test each day! He also didn’t bleed easily so they had to really squeeze the blood out of him for the tests. It was so heartbreaking to watch 💔

Now that he’s finally home, I kinda wish he would sleep like he did on that very first night he was born, hahahaha!! This little fellow just doesn’t sleep well at night and it’s driving us nuts. Plus we have a demanding toddler in our hands as well now. You can imagine the chaos we get in the house, huh?

But still, this is the memory we will create as a family together. So, I still wouldn’t change a thing.

Dylan 1

Dylan 2

Dylan 3

Dylan 2 Weeks Old

Dylan 2 Weeks Old 2

Dylan's Feet

We love you, Dylan! Thank you for coming to us and being a part of our family. Praise be to God!


Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Mr S and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary just recently. 💑 He arranged a surprise anniversary weekend getaway for us, hehehehe…

Spent 3 days 2 nights in Mandurah and had such an “eventful” time, because baby got sick on the day that we left! 😵

She developed a high fever that day and seemed so weak and drowsy the whole time. 😭 So we eventually went to see a doctor there and found out that she had an ear infection, most likely an aftermath from her cold and flu which she hadn’t fully recovered from.

Poor bubba’s temperature was soaring and we had to strip her down to her nappy and cool her down with damp hand towels.

Despite all that, we spent some really good quality time together as a family. 😘 Naomi also finally learned how to crawl that day! We plonked her on the hotel bed and she almost pranced at the remote control in front of her, hahahaha!

Naomi: One Month Old!

We made it!!! Naomi is officially one month old today, hehehehehe… I’m lucky enough to be able to update my blog this morning as she’s taking her morning nap.

Yes, it’s been a month already since we’ve had our little girl. Time really flies!! Oh, by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!! How did you guys spend your New Year’s Eve? I spent mine snoring in bed by 9pm lol!

I’m actually looking pretty sane this morning. Had some good shuteye last night in between the feedings. I’m hoping that it’ll only get better from here 🙂 I must admit, the first two to three weeks have been tough on us. But, it would’ve been even tougher if I hadn’t had help from my mum and sister. I think I’ve had it easy compared to new mums who’ve had no helpers at all!

Now that it’s been a month, I’m officially no longer in my “confinement” period, hehehe. I have a confession to make! I’ve actually been really naughty and sneaked out of the house a couple of times during confinement. About 4-5 times WITH Naomi and a couple of other times either by myself or with Mr S or my mum, lol!!! I’ve been “chastised” for quite a few things I’ve been doing or not doing thus far, such as:

  • not swaddling the baby, or not swaddling them the right way (leaving Naomi’s arms out). I know swaddling is supposed to help calm, soothe and settle a baby but Naomi just downright refuses for her arms to be swaddled! She would cry and cry while struggling to have her arms freed! I then did some research on this on the net and it says that some babies really dislikes having their arms swaddled. I know I can’t believe everything I read on the net but hey, freeing her arms in our case works! And I would definitely do or go with something that works for my baby!
  • not layering her with enough clothes. “But it’s 38 degrees Celsius today! And look, she’s sweating all over!” I would protest. It seems that babies need to be wrapped up in layers of clothing everyday, just because. -_- Well, I’m sorry but Naomi will be wearing only her singlet and nappy today because it’s scorching hot outside!
  • not putting pillows or soft items around the baby to make her feel safe while she sleeps. It’s to reduce the risk of SIDS okay!! I’d rather be safe than sorry!
  • not letting her sleep on her tummy. Also to reduce the risk of SIDS. But I must admit, letting Naomi sleep on her tummy helps lessen the effects of her startle reflex. I try not to let her sleep on her tummy at night when both Mr S and I are knocked out (unless she wakes up and cries for a feed). But I do let her sleep on her tummy from time to time in the morning when we are up to monitor/supervise her. Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend any parent to let their babies sleep on their tummies. Just in case!
  • not giving her formula before my milk came in. I did in the end, one night in the hospital as we were desperate and she was really, really distressed and tired by then from the constant crying and hunger, and another time when we got home. I was trying hard to follow everything by the books when it came to breastfeeding. If the pamphlets in the hospital says no formula then NO FORMULA it is! But when you watch your baby cry and cry so helplessly, you just wanna help take the pain away as soon as you can. Thank goodness we’ve become established with breastfeeding now.
  • not giving her the dummy. Again, another thing I was going by the books with. But eventually, I gave in and bought dummies for her. We have four different types of them at home now (we have 8 in total as some come in a pack of 3) and she takes none of them. All she wants is her momma’s good ol’ titty. LOL!

The thing is, everyone will have their own fair bit of “two cents” to give when you have a baby. And they could all be contradicting each other. But only you know what’s best for your baby. I’m not saying don’t take any of the advices given as I’m sure there are constructive advices from people around you – from your mum, medical professionals and whatnot. But take what sounds right for you, go with your own mother’s instincts! After all, it’s your baby and you know what’s best for them!

Anyway, this post has turned out so much longer than I expected! (It’s a good thing, hey?) so I’m gonna end it now with some photos I managed to snap for the past few weeks. Enjoy!

   Here’s one I took last Saturday when Naomi was 4 weeks old. Figured I’d snap one with her milestone card earlier ‘cos she was looking so cute that day, haha!

Not to mention, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sent their well wishes and gifts and cards from near and afar!! Can’t thank you all enough!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Last but not least, Happy 1 month old, Naomi!!! You are so loved!

She’s Here!

Yes, she’s here!!! We welcomed our little girl, Naomi into our lives on 5 December 2015. Words can’t describe how elated I was when I saw her emerged from me and first held her in my arms. I was in shock at first, seeing her for the very first time in flesh. Then the doctor and midwife quickly placed her in my arms and I couldn’t help myself from whimpering when I held her small body in my arms, tears welling up in my eyes. I looked at Mr S and he was touched to tears too at this point in time.

I shall save my labor story for another day (if I can find the time to write about it, haha). Right now, we are just delighted that our little girl is here with us. That makes Christmas this year a gazillion times BETTER! ❤

Meanwhile, here’s a video I whipped up quickly yesterday afternoon while Naomi was taking a nap.

Keeping it simple and basic this time as I don’t have much free time on hands right now haha. Both Mr S and I really enjoyed taking the photos every week and watching my bump grow hehehe…

Hope you all enjoy this video of me “popping”! 😛 (Psst, it’s available in HD 🙂 Hehe…)


Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

A year ago this day, I married my very best friend and soul mate. We made a vow to be companions for life, till death do us part. I really can’t believe that it’s been a year since our big day! This year zoomed past just like that! Today, we are re-celebrating this special day with a mini us in my tummy 🙂 How much more amazing can this be?

I thank God for where we are this day. For without His love and grace, we won’t be where we are today.

Lastly, I wanna say a big thank you (with a big sloppy kiss) to Mr S for loving me and taking care of me all these years. I look forward to growing old and wrinkly and happy with you… I love you! Happy first anniversary baby! And to many more years to come! 

Last Trimester to Go!

Hi peeps! Being 27 weeks pregnant yesterday, I’m officially into my last trimester now! How exciting and nerve-wrecking this is at the same time, haha!

As much as I wanted to, I haven’t blogged much about my experience being pregnant so far, lol. Since I’m nearing the home stretch right now (pun intended), I might as well write something now before the baby pops out, haha!

My first four months being pregnant wasn’t really pleasant as I suffered from morning sickness. I didn’t physically throw up much, but I was feeling nauseous AND bloated ALL. THE. TIME. Oh, oh, oh! I busted one of the Chinese myths that eating somboi will help me get rid of the nauseous feeling. It didn’t work for me at all 😦 At this point in time, my so-called “bump” was bigger than it should be due to the gas inside, hahahaha! I was more tired than usual — spending most of my weekends napping away on the couch. I also felt so lousy that I didn’t wanna move my arse at all. I stopped doing my daily exercises and just focused on being a blob of jelly on the couch, really, lol!!!

Luckily, things got better when I was four months pregnant. The morning sickness started to fade and I started gaining my appetite back. I started loving my pregnant body more and more as well, wearing my small bump proudly, hehehe. We then decided to go on a babymoon since I felt much better than I did in my first trimester! Taking some time off from work felt so good as we were both so busy at work in the months leading up to our short getaway. It was a much needed holiday to re-energize ourselves and acknowledge the fact that we will be parents soon in a few months’ time!

Happy Smiles

Happy faces in Bali.

Currently at my 27th week, my bump is more prominent than ever before. I’ve heard that the last trimester can be quite tough for mums-to-be. I’m starting to experience the nasty things that come with being pregnant once again:

  • feeling nauseous
  • having trouble sleeping through the night due to the sharp pain I often get in my ribs on my left
  • shortness of breath
  • sleepiness
  • indigestion/bloating

But then again, I now have the perks of feeling my baby move inside me!!! I started feeling his/her movements when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Oh I must say, this baby is one active baby, hahaha! I can now even see my belly move when the baby moves. It’s really one of the most amazing feelings ever! I know I’m definitely gonna miss this when the baby’s out. 🙂

With about three more months to go now, I guess I’ll be busy preparing myself for the big day! Hopefully I can drag my lazy arse out there with the weather being warmer and all, haha!

Last but not least, a photo of me carrying my 27 weeks bump! Hello!!!

27 Weeks

Is it a Girl or a Boy?

Hello there!! Quite pleased to have found some time to update my rather neglected blog tonight, hehe.

So, I’m having my second ultrasound scan next week to check that the baby is developing normally and look at where the placenta is lying in my uterus. I just had a read at the things they will check and assess during this anatomy slash anomaly scan and it’s starting to freak me out a little of the things that could possibly go wrong with the development of the baby. 😮 Praying hard that everything is A-okay and that the baby is healthy and growing well!

Now, the added bonus to next week’s scan is that we can choose to find out the gender of the baby!!! Honestly, my initial reaction was that I had to find out! I just had to. I was just so filled with curiosity and excitement that I couldn’t wait to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy! And I still am!

However, the husband’s thinking of the total opposite. He said that as long as the baby’s healthy, it doesn’t matter if the baby’s a boy or a girl, which I fully agree with! He then asked, why not have it as a surprise? BUT I WANT TO KNOW NOWWW IF I COULD!!!!!! You can tell that I was quite determined to know the sex of the baby.

Until this morning. 🙄 My curiosity led me to type “should I find out the gender of my baby?” in my Google search bar, lol. I then took this short quiz and this was the result I got:

Prepare for a surprise! It sounds as if you should probably wait until your baby is born to find out his or her sex. This is how people have been doing it for centuries, and there’s no reason to change now. Unlike so many people nowadays, you seem to have the patience and knack for “living in the moment” that’s necessary to remain in the dark about your baby’s sex.There are definitely benefits to not finding out. By waiting, you can spend the rest of your pregnancy having fantasies about babies of both sexes; this can actually make the last few weeks more bearable. And here’s an extra benefit: Deciding not to find out might drive your relatives crazy!

HAHAHAHA!!! So instead of driving myself crazy, I will have the benefit of driving others crazy now! 😛

So, the husband and I had a chat tonight and decided that we are not going to find out the gender of our baby, until we meet him/her on the BIG day! (Or when the doctor exclaims, “IT’S A GIRL!!!” or “IT’S A BOY!!!” when the baby’s out hahahahaha!)

Either way, we are preparing to be SURPRISED!!!

Oh, Hello There!

Okay, so here goes……

*Takes a deep breath*

Mr S and I…

Continue reading Oh, Hello There!

Wedding Photos

Yesss! I finally got our wedding photos from our photographer a week ago!!! We were given about five hundred plus photos and I have handpicked a few to be shared with you all here on my blog.

We love, love, love going through all the photos and reminiscing all the fond memories of the day itself. ❤ Hope you all enjoy looking through them as much as we do 🙂




















Wedding Video is Up!


Hello peeps! I finally finished compiling and editing our wedding video last night. It’s freshly uploaded on YouTube and I decided to share it with my readers on my blog since I didn’t blog much about the wedding anyway.

Special thanks to my Uncle Edmund, Meng and Cinta for shooting the videos on our wedding day!! Your efforts and love are greatly appreciated by Mr S and I.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do! There’s a huge grin on my face every time I watch it, hehehehehe… 🙂