Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

A year ago this day, I married my very best friend and soul mate. We made a vow to be companions for life, till death do us part. I really can’t believe that it’s been a year since our big day! This year zoomed past just like that! Today, we are re-celebrating this special day with a mini us in my tummy πŸ™‚ How much more amazing can this be?

I thank God for where we are this day. For without His love and grace, we won’t be where we are today.

Lastly, I wanna say a big thank you (with a big sloppy kiss) to Mr S for loving me and taking care of me all these years. I look forward to growing old and wrinkly and happy with you… I love you! Happy first anniversary baby! And to many more years to come! 


Wedding Photos

Yesss! I finally got our wedding photos from our photographer a week ago!!! We were given about five hundred plus photos and I have handpicked a few to be shared with you all here on my blog.

We love, love, love going through all the photos and reminiscing all the fond memories of the day itself. ❀ Hope you all enjoy looking through them as much as we do πŸ™‚




















Wedding Video is Up!


Hello peeps! I finally finished compiling and editing our wedding video last night. It’s freshly uploaded on YouTube and I decided to share it with my readers on my blog since I didn’t blog much about the wedding anyway.

Special thanks to my Uncle Edmund, Meng and Cinta for shooting the videos on our wedding day!! Your efforts and love are greatly appreciated by Mr S and I.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do! There’s a huge grin on my face every time I watch it, hehehehehe… πŸ™‚

We Got Married!!!

Oh yes, Mr S and I finally tied the knot/got hitched last month!! β™₯

I really can’t rave enough of the blessings God had showered us with that day! We were surrounded by our loved and close ones, the weather was perfect and we were both just filled with so much love and joy that day! Dare I say it, everything was perfect! It was a day made so memorable for us that we will never forget but treasure for the rest of our lives.

The days leading up to the wedding day itself was strenuous, stressful and exhausting. But it was all worthwhile. Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who had helped us out, to everyone who was there to witness our special day, and also to those who couldn’t make it to our wedding but sent us your warm wishes from afar.

Many years on from our wedding day, we hope to be able to look back to this day and remember how much love we have for each other that we decided to declare it before God, our family and friends that we promise to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Most importantly, we promise to love and honor each other all the days of our lives.

Wedding ThumbnailPhoto credit: Tina Shawal Photography

Pre-Wedding Photos Sneak Peek

Soooo happy to have received a slideshow of some of the photos taken during our pre-wedding shoot.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos sometime this week – USB containing all the images is on it’s way!! Wheeeeee~~

Special thanks to our amazingly talented photographer, Tina for creating such beautiful images of us and for us ❀

Kin & I.JPG

Wedding Prep: Wedding Dress

I got a text message this morning from the bridal this morning saying that my dress has arrived!! It came one month earlier than expected!! I’ve made an appointment to see the dress tomorrow so yes, it is very, very exciting!

Meanwhile, I must force myself to go to the gym tonight because I have gained weight over the Chinese New Year weekend (too much cakes, keropok, cookies and fizzy drinks! )!!

If all goes well, I’m taking the dress home tomorrow and I can start playing dress ups by myself at home now LOL!!! *Cues Roy Orbison’s Oh, Pretty Woman*

How About a Vain Post?


Hehehe… I recently took a photo with Mr S (which I LOVE dearly) at his ex-colleague’s wedding. It’s my current phone wallpaper because I love it that much haha! Taken with my iPhone’s front camera so there was no need for photoshop! Hahahahaha!!! Just added a filter and then it was perfecto!

Mr S & I.jpg



Also joined gym about a week ago? ε₯½εƒζœ‰η˜¦δΊ†η‚Ήε“¦οΌ(Self comfort, sigh~)

I really need to get back on track with my wedding planning. Haven’t been doing anything with our wedding prep since before we left for Taiwan!! *Panics* Still quite a lot of things to check off the list and I’ve just been spending time watching drama every night T_T. Well, I do try to visit the gym every other night, if not every night. I just don’t know how long I’ll keep up with it, eek!! I need to keep reminding myself that I gotta η§―ζžε‡θ‚₯/瘦身!!

Also, I really dislike the state of my hair now 😦 It’s thick and heavy and straw-like at the ends. My hair color from my last dye job also came off so I have half a head of ugly brass hair right now. I really wanna do something about it but I don’t wanna spend money on it just yet -_-. Guess I’ll just wait till nearer to the wedding date to figure out what I wanna do with it.

So sorry this blog is rather dead these days. It still beats me how I managed to blog so much back then during my uni years, haha! The constant snapping of photos of the little details of my life back then, the writing of some rather useless rants of my daily life, and the documenting of some of my most inner feelings back then.

Honestly, it’s so hard for me to blog about my life these days. It feels like I’m putting myself out there, willingly allowing others to scrutinize all the nitty-gritty details of my life. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing – being able to publicly blog about your life. There are so many inspirational and enriching bloggers out there who are able to reach out to so many others through their blogs. I just don’t feel that it applies to me. I’m always seeking for assurance and acknowledgement from others. Perhaps I have a low self-esteem that I should take good care of. I need people who will empower me and make me a stronger and better person! I don’t need those who tell me I’m not good enough, those who put me down, those who secretly wish for my downfall.

I hope I will become a much stronger person in 2014. Be less vulnerable, Jess. Put your feet down and take no shit from others!

Anyhoo, I’m signing off now. Sorry for the short update and the random melancholy bullcrap towards the end. Hope it was “short & sweet” for you readers though πŸ˜›


Bought My Dress!!!

YESSS!!! :mrgreen: I put down a deposit for my wedding dress tonight!! Now I just have to wait for 5 months for it to arrive, then I can get the alterations done (because I’m not 6 feet tall like the supermodels, lol!).

Let’s hope the dress turns out as beautiful as I imagined it to be. The thing is, I never got to try it on. The bridal shop that I went to doesn’t stock the model that I was after. And I’ve been lusting over this model all over the web for the past month. I’ve tried searching everywhere online to see which bridal store in Perth has it in stock, but none of them does. 😦

Then this Monday, I had a lightbulb moment. πŸ’‘ I thought of asking one of the bridal shops that I visited before to see if they could stock it from the supplier in Spain directly. If I’m not mistaken, this bridal store is the only stockist for this brand in Perth but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I went back to the store today to try on other dresses, one of them having the same silhouette as the dress I was thinking of getting. The pattern and details don’t look as nice as the one I wanted but I just wanted to see how the fabric and design would sit on my body. And I loved it!!! The good news is, the lady at the store told me that they could do a special order for me!!! Initially they told me the dress doesn’t exist though. Well, that’s ‘cos they spelt it wrongly LOL!! I frantically took our my cellphone to show them a photo and the model name and they found it at last! Phew~!

So yes. I got the dress! Another item crossed out on my to-do list for our wedding prep! I can sleep peacefully tonight πŸ˜›


Let the Countdown Begin

So, Mr S & I have set the date for our wedding day. It’s going to be 20th September 2014, which is about 11 more months to go. Sounds like we have plenty of time to prepare ourselves forΒ the big day, but really, time is already running out!!! 😯 With the amount of stress and worry I’m going through now, I’m pretty SURE I’m going to turn into a bridezilla in the very near future.

We’ve been spending the past three Saturdays visiting bridal stores, attending a bridal fair, browsing for wedding bands and viewing several reception venue options. We attended “First Comes Love” bridal fair/event last, last Saturday. There were soooo many people at the event. It was fun and we got ourselves some goodie bags, free photos from the photobooths and lots and lots of cards and brochures from the exhibitors. And to be honest, it was rather overwhelming. The fiancΓ© and I just want a rather simple wedding. But now it seems even a simple wedding is not as “simple” as it seems. You still gotta care for so many tiny details! πŸ˜•

Right now, I’m having a dilemma of whether to purchase a wedding gown or get one made in China. If I end up buying a wedding gown from a local bridal shop, the gown is most likely to be made in China anyway, lol. The only difference is that since it carries a brand, the dress still needs to go through the quality control process before it can be released to the bridal shop. So it is the quality assurance and patented design that I’m buying, really. The problem is,Β  a wedding gown from the local bridal stores comes with a heftier price tag than the ones online. πŸ˜₯ Mr S is quite against the idea of me buying the dress online because what if it turns out looking super shitty (LOLOLOL!!!) and by then it’s too late for me to order a proper dress from a local bridal store? I might end up having to spend MORE than I initially wanted to. SIGHHHHH….. I’m going for another bridal gown tryout this Thursday evening and we’ll see how it goes.

Either way, let’s hope that I’ll find myself the perfect dress!!! Wish me luck, guys!! ^_^