June/Winter Update

Hello peeps! Yours truly have some free time on my hands tonight so why not write a blog post?

So, it’s June already! Winter is officially here. The weather’s been chillingly cold in Perth for the past few days, especially in the morning at 2-3 degree Celsius! Which makes getting out of bed soooo much harder 😦 I also dread stepping out of the hot shower each day. But thanks to my trusty toilet seat cover, my precious butt doesn’t have to suffer in the winter, hahahaha! πŸ˜†

Everyone close to me knows and acknowledges the fact that I have a huge appetite when it comes to food. The fact that the weather is so cold these days doesn’t help my situation at all. I’m constantly thinking about food, food, food all the time. Hence, I made THIS!


Sarawak kolomee yo!!!

*Clears throat* I’m proud to say that it was a tremendous success this time, muahahahahaha! πŸ˜€ My first attempt was kinda bleh ‘cos it turned out too dry and lacked taste. This time around, it turned out near perfect!! The noodles were homemade by a church-friend of my aunt’s friend (were you repeating that? Lol!). It was cooked with pork lard, which I made myself (not from my own fats okay, from pork fats alright hahahaha!!) and that really completed the whole dish! Would’ve scored a perfect ten if I had some barbecued pork to go with the minced meat, hahaha!

Sigh, I just get so happy when I talk about food πŸ˜›

Moving on to the next topic, Mr S and I took our pre-wedding photos last, last Sunday!!! 😎 I did my hair & make-up trial on the same day so I can be “dolled up” for the shoot that afternoon. I can’t really say that I was entirely pleased with how I looked after the “mini makeover” as it was too heavy for my liking (I actually went home and blotted the red lipstick off as much as I could and applied a layer of nude gloss on myself). But I’m pretty sure my make-up artist can do much better! I just need to tell her what I want on the wedding day itself. I only have myself to blame because when she asked me what I liked I just said, “Anything! Anything to go with the dress I’m gonna wear later *shows dress*. What do you think? Just do whatever you think is nice.” 😐 I think I should know better which look I’d prefer rather than letting her guess, lol! Anyway, fingers crossed I won’t go crazy on the wedding day itself because I end up looking super horrible LOLLL!!!

So, our photographer showed me a few photos of the lot that she took that day AND I LOOKED SOOOO ROUND AND OLD!!! Or should I rephrase, SOOOO ROUND AND MATURE!!! T_T I definitely need to photoshop ALL the photos of my round faces or else they’ll never be photo-album-worthy LOL!!! Don’t get me wrong, the photos look beautiful in general! Our photographer is so much fun to be around with and she’s been amaaaazing thus far! I just can’t stand looking at myself in photos, that’s all lol! It’s true when they say that you put on a few pounds in photos when you have foundation on! -_-”’ (I blame the foundation for making my face so round and losing all contours! LOL!) Oh, not to mention I had a really old-looking hairstyle for the photoshoot that day too 😦 The makeup artist curled my hair for me but I think they made me look five years older, if not ten.

ARGGHHH, I’m such a whiner. In fact, these are all excuses lol! The truth is, it’s just the way I really look right now. I’m no longer 21 but I still expect myself to look like how I looked when I was 21 -_-


Photo Log: March & April

So, the month of March zoomed past just like that and it’s now almost the end of April! Happy Easter everyone!!!

Just about five more months to the wedding and there are still heaps to do! Pray that all goes well and that I don’t stress myself out too much >_<


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Taken while we attended Ben & Karen’s wedding last month πŸ™‚ Had to take photos of ourselves as we hardly ever dress up when we go out nowadays hahahaha!


Obligatory selfie in the car.



Ugly snapshot of me but I like the fact that it’s candid.

Freo 2

Random big door in Freo.

Sorry, but this post is just pointless, lol.

So, we still can’t decide where our honeymoon destination should be. Any suggestions, people?

How About a Vain Post?


Hehehe… I recently took a photo with Mr S (which I LOVE dearly) at his ex-colleague’s wedding. It’s my current phone wallpaper because I love it that much haha! Taken with my iPhone’s front camera so there was no need for photoshop! Hahahahaha!!! Just added a filter and then it was perfecto!

Mr S & I.jpg



Also joined gym about a week ago? ε₯½εƒζœ‰η˜¦δΊ†η‚Ήε“¦οΌ(Self comfort, sigh~)

I really need to get back on track with my wedding planning. Haven’t been doing anything with our wedding prep since before we left for Taiwan!! *Panics* Still quite a lot of things to check off the list and I’ve just been spending time watching drama every night T_T. Well, I do try to visit the gym every other night, if not every night. I just don’t know how long I’ll keep up with it, eek!! I need to keep reminding myself that I gotta η§―ζžε‡θ‚₯/瘦身!!

Also, I really dislike the state of my hair now 😦 It’s thick and heavy and straw-like at the ends. My hair color from my last dye job also came off so I have half a head of ugly brass hair right now. I really wanna do something about it but I don’t wanna spend money on it just yet -_-. Guess I’ll just wait till nearer to the wedding date to figure out what I wanna do with it.

So sorry this blog is rather dead these days. It still beats me how I managed to blog so much back then during my uni years, haha! The constant snapping of photos of the little details of my life back then, the writing of some rather useless rants of my daily life, and the documenting of some of my most inner feelings back then.

Honestly, it’s so hard for me to blog about my life these days. It feels like I’m putting myself out there, willingly allowing others to scrutinize all the nitty-gritty details of my life. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing – being able to publicly blog about your life. There are so many inspirational and enriching bloggers out there who are able to reach out to so many others through their blogs. I just don’t feel that it applies to me. I’m always seeking for assurance and acknowledgement from others. Perhaps I have a low self-esteem that I should take good care of. I need people who will empower me and make me a stronger and better person! I don’t need those who tell me I’m not good enough, those who put me down, those who secretly wish for my downfall.

I hope I will become a much stronger person in 2014. Be less vulnerable, Jess. Put your feet down and take no shit from others!

Anyhoo, I’m signing off now. Sorry for the short update and the random melancholy bullcrap towards the end. Hope it was “short & sweet” for you readers though πŸ˜›


Taipei Trip 2013

Hi everyone! I’m back with a lengthy update! We just got back from our 2-weeks holiday a few days ago. I managed to squeeze in some time in editing some photos for this blog post so *pats my own back* , “Thanks Jess for the effort and time that you put in for this update!”, haha!

So, Mr S and I joined my family and relatives for this 6 days trip to Taipei, Taiwan (there were 13 of us!!!). We then headed back to our hometown, Miri for a couple more days since it’s been 3 years since Mr S last went home! Poor dude. He missed all our local food and delicacies dearly!

On the first day of our holiday, Mr S and I flew to Kota Kinabalu via Kuala Lumpur. We reached KK at around 9:35pm. It was about 10pm when we reached the hotel motel to meet up with the rest of my family. We were both knackered and couldn’t wait to check in and have a good night’s rest before the early flight to Taipei the next morning.

But guess what Miss Bimbo did?

I accidentally left one of our hand-carry luggage in the cab!!! Ahhhhh…… The nightmare! Mr S was so frustrated and I could almost see him fuming with anger whilst I explained to my mum that I was too tired to remember. Sigh, I’m always full of excuses… 😦

Mr S then proceeded to search for the cab driver back at the airport with one of the staff members of the hotel motel. THANK GOD he found the cab driver! Kudos to Mr S for always being so good at saving the day, hahaha! The cab driver wasn’t even at the airport but at a shop nearby the airport and Mr S actually spotted his cab. Geez I couldn’t even remember the car plate number of the cab alright? Mr S… β™₯ β™₯

Taipei City Continue reading Taipei Trip 2013

Restoration Project: Mid-Century Armchair

Just a quick update for tonight. I completed another restoration project last weekend (hooray!!) – a mid-century armchair.

When we got the chair, it came with original white leather covers, which have turned yellow over the years. And it made this really annoying squeaky sound when you sit on it that goes, POOOH-oooshhh…! I decided to give it new coats of varnish and new covers so we won’t have to sit on the dirty, used covers and also so it doesn’t make that funny noise when one sits on it.

The sewing part was not easy, just as I expected, because it looked quite difficult having to make holes on the back cover for the metal frame and screws at the sides to go through. Nevertheless, I managed and it didn’t turn out so bad-looking after all!! Phew~ But I think I’ll take a break from sewing for quite some time, haha.

This was taken using a DSLR.

And this by iPhone. Not bad, huh? I actually think the iPhone’s one looks more vintage-y. Haha!

Restoration Project: Retro Telephone Table

This is my latest completed restoration project – a retro telephone table.

Retro Telephone Table 1

I reupholstered the seat as the old one was extremely dusty and dirty. Also gave it new coats of timber varnish.

Retro Telephone Table 2

Haven’t decided whether to keep or to sell as I would’ve preferred a different set of legs on it.

Funny how it’s called a telephone table and I don’t even have a telephone on it, haha! The thing is, we don’t have a telephone socket where we placed the table. Mr S was suggesting that I buy a vintage phone to place on the table but not use it, haha!! I might just do that, I think. πŸ˜‰

Eating & Shopping on a Saturday

Heeeelloooo Saturday!!! I’m so happy that it’s the weekend again, yipee!!! The weather’s sooo good right now although we had a rainy morning. I’m eating moon-cake whilst typing up this post, haha! The mooncake festival is just around the corner I think so we bought a box of moon-cake from the oriental store just then. It’s so yummy!!! But it’d be even better if they had kuachi inside the filling… 😦

Mr S and I headed to Typika Artisan Roasters at Claremont for breakfast this morning. LOVE the interior decor of Typika!! The place was packed with people and there were people queuing up when we first got there. But we only had to wait for 15 minutes or so before we were seated. Food was served pretty quickly and the staff were very friendly! I must go back and try their lunch menu next since my office is within walking-distance away.

Mushroom Filled Crepe
This is what I had – mushroom filled crΓͺpe, which was delicious by the way!

After breakfast, we headed to Claremont Quarter for a stroll. Haven’t been there for a long, long time although it’s so near my work place. Used to do all my grocery shopping there when I was still renting at Claremont. We grabbed lots of Blu-Ray discs from JB-Hifi ‘cos they having a “Buy 2 get 1 free” promo at the moment. The Blu-Ray discs were selling for $15.98 but it’s now $10.65 each after discount! Yay!!!

Afterwards, we headed over to Recollections by Lost Souls to meet up with Sophia, who is also a seamstress. I needed her help in altering my dress for my cousin’s wedding in September. Sophia has her own fashion label – Rosie & Broken and her label is available at Recollections by Lost Souls. It’s always lovely to see Sophia because she’s so bubbly and silly πŸ˜›

And guess what else I did whilst I was there? S-H-O-P!! Amazingly, Recollections by Lost Souls stocks pre-loved and brand new designer goods in store at affordable prices!!

Lost Souls
Yours truly came home with a shopping bag!

Lost Souls 2

Anxious to open this up! *Cues dramatic soundtrack*

Gucci Cardigan B&W

My very first Gucci cardigan! Now before you scoff and complain that I’m such a spendthrift, this beautiful number only costs me $150 and it’s BRAND NEW with tags and extra buttons and all!!! SCORE!!!

Keeping Warm

Mozzies Leggings

Hello lovelies!!

Guess who’s forcing herself up so she can write up a short post on her blog tonight. Seriously, my eyelids are so heavy and my body is begging me to sleep (and it doesn’t help that I’m sitting in my very comfortable bed right now whilst typing this). But I thought it’d be nice to post something here since I hardly ever come here anymore. And I’m not sure if any of you do anymore, hahahaha!!!

Anyway, it’s raining outside right now. In fact, it’s been raining the entire night – a typical, gloomy winter night but we haven’t had many of these this winter so it actually feels pretty good to have some rain. I just dislike the piercing chilliness winter gives me 😦

Mr S and I headed out for dinner tonight as today is a day worth celebrating, hehe – yours truly got a pay-rise!!! It is a very much welcome blessing from God and I thank Him for continuing to shower us with His blessings. Been having some issues lately but God made sure that in this vulnerable time, we can still rely on Him to provide us. =)

After dinner, we headed over to my aunt’s place to catch up as they had just flown back here from Malaysia. ‘Twas fun catching up about things that happened back home in Miri while they were back. Made me miss home so much though. 😦 I’m actually really looking forward to my short trip back to Malaysia this September for my cousin’s wedding! Though I won’t be back in Miri, almost the entire family from my mum’s side will be there in KL!!! We’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

Okay, I really shouldn’t get so excited before bedtime, hehehe… Gonna pen off now and I bid you all goodnight! Oh, and just in case I’m gonna read this post in the future, today’s the day Princess Katherine gave birth to her firstborn baby!!! And it’s a BOY! Random, haha!!

‘Kay, nite!

Creative Project: DIY Headboard

Hello lovelies! I finally came across something blog-worthy this week, hehehehe. Yours truly completed another DIY project with Mr S this week (actually Mr S did most of the tough job while I just gave him instructions, lol! :lol:) and I can’t wait to show you the final outcome!

So, WE completed a headboard this week!! I’ve been wanting a tufted headboard ever since I saw this one from Urban Outfitters. Targets in US sell plenty of nice looking headboards as well for reasonable prices. But I can’t seem to find any within my budget in Perth 😦 I tried looking for them on Gumtree as well but no one seems to be selling them at all, boohoo. So when I found out that people actually MAKE their own headboards, I thought, AHA! Maybe I can make my own too! And onto the to-do list it went!

Last week, we finally took the time to finally begin this long-awaited DIY project idea of mine, haha. Honestly, I thought I might never come around to actually doing this project because that’s how slacked I am. Anyway, I’m glad we decided to just go for it because we really love how it turned out, yay!!!

I won’t go into lengthy discussion of how we actually made the board, you can find plenty of tutorials online by searching “DIY headboard”. I took instructions from a few different sites and combined them. The duration of the project took longer than I expected though because other bloggers made it seem quite easy! Maybe we’re just not very good at DIY, lol! 😦

Okay, let me show you some photos I took of it today!


Our DIY headboard! I’m not very good with the tufting so you can’t really see the “diamonds” here. Or it could be just that the fabric that I used wasn’t the easiest to deal with. I got the fabric (premium linen) from Spotlight in “stone”. This was actually the second piece that I got because the first piece that I got wasn’t quite what I wanted and I only realized that when I got home and put it against our bedroom wall 😦 Now I just have to find something to do with that first piece of fabric that I got.

Headboard leg

The legs are from Bunnings. I didn’t actually know that Bunnings stock furniture legs as well! What a pleasant surprise! And I painted them white.

Bedroom 1

This is our bedroom now. It looks more “finished” with the headboard against the wall! I LOVE IT!!!

Bedroom 2

One more from the front. I’m thinking of adding more colors to the bed – thinking of getting cushions with pop of colors or with funky patterns to liven things up a bit more.

Bedroom 3

So, what do you think of our new DIY headboard? Yay or nay?

Australia Day 2013

Happy Sunday everybody!! I took some time to blog today since we’re having a long weekend here down under as it was Australia Day yesterday. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

We went for a picnic before the skyworks show (our yearly tradition for Oz Day, lol!) with my aunt’s family and Jacinta a.k.a. Cinta this year. Met up with Fiona and her relatives later and joined them for the skyworks watching, hehe. The weather was really good this year, not too cold towards the night. We had plenty of good food for our picnic as well – fried meehoon, lamb stew, egg & tuna sandwiches and mixed fruit salad for desserts. Yummy!!

Here are some photos I took during the event to share with you all. Enjoy!

Aussie Flag

Here comes the Oz flag.

Afternoon Dip

Personal favorite =)

Skyworks 1

Skyworks 2

Skyworks 3

Skyworks 4

Skyworks 5

The skyworks were fantastic and absolutely beautiful this year. Unfortunately we forgot to bring along our radio/iPods so it kinda made the whole experience less fun than it should have been 😦 Oh well, there’s always next year, Australia! πŸ˜€