Restoration Project: Mid-Century Armchair

Just a quick update for tonight. I completed another restoration project last weekend (hooray!!) – a mid-century armchair.

When we got the chair, it came with original white leather covers, which have turned yellow over the years. And it made this really annoying squeaky sound when you sit on it that goes, POOOH-oooshhh…! I decided to give it new coats of varnish and new covers so we won’t have to sit on the dirty, used covers and also so it doesn’t make that funny noise when one sits on it.

The sewing part was not easy, just as I expected, because it looked quite difficult having to make holes on the back cover for the metal frame and screws at the sides to go through. Nevertheless, I managed and it didn’t turn out so bad-looking after all!! Phew~ But I think I’ll take a break from sewing for quite some time, haha.

This was taken using a DSLR.

And this by iPhone. Not bad, huh? I actually think the iPhone’s one looks more vintage-y. Haha!


Our Nest: The Beginning

Bonjour tout le monde, I’m blogging today!

As some of you may know already, I’ve recently moved again. To my very own place this time! I am officially a home owner now! *Screams*

Getting our own place was such an exciting yet stressful experience for us. It’s a long story and I’m not really going to elaborate ‘cos I’m lazy like that, ha! Basically our finance broker eff-ed things up for us pretty badly and it has just been a paaaainful experience dealing with them and having to face the troubles they’ve caused us. Thank God everything turned out okay in the end, we still got the house and I can’t be any happier right now. Unless someone drops me bags of gold at my doorstep tonight (so I can pay off my ridiculously obscene amount of mortgage 😥 ). Now that will make me very, very, very happy…… 😆

I’m loving the new place right now. It has big, wide windows that give the whole house plentiful of natural light, cathedral ceiling that makes the living area look a lot more spacious than it really is and plenty of storage. Now I will definitely be spending lots of time and effort in creating my own little cozy home. 

A photo I snapped of Koko sleeping in the living room. Please excuse my naked footstool, couch and cushions hahahaha! The covers were all in the wash that day. I promise they are all clothed now. 😛