Pamper Me Time

Hello blog, it’s been a while and I’m here for my monthly update again. On the very last day of this month nonetheless.

The previous two weeks have been really trying and challenging for me as the kids were both sick. Gosh, it was just so bad some nights that I just wanna bang my head on the wall or something. I was super over it, cursing under my breath a gazillion times and wondering if anyone would want to take the crying baby away from me. I also felt like I was the worst mother on earth because my babies were sick and here I am feeling all sorry for myself, getting all angst up because they were clingy and wanted ONLY ME as their source of comfort.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going all “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” ‘cos I’m super short-tempered when it comes to waking up to feed at night. But come morning, I’ll feel super guilty and shower my baby with lots of love and kisses and affection.


Well, the good thing is, the kids are well now. After all those crazy hospital and clinic runs by myself with the kids, numerous hand-washing, cuddles, kisses and whatnot, they’re finally well now. I can finally take a breather and treat myself to some special “me-time”!

I was gifted a voucher for a floating session with Beyond Rest by friends about two and a half years ago during Naomi’s full moon party. 2.5 years ago and I just never found the time or the opportunity to be able to squeeze in an hour of a pamper session for myself. And so, I finally decided to do it before I start heading back to work next week. I was so lucky that they decided to honour the gift card still after such a long time, hahahaha!



I walked in being greeted by a very calming and “zen” atmosphere. Loved it! I was quite tensed that day to be honest as it was Dylan’s first full day at daycare and so I couldn’t help but worry about him all day!


This was my float pod! It’s super cool and looks ultra-modern/alien-ish.

I started the float not being able to fully relax myself but eventually with time, I did. I think I might have fallen asleep too ‘cos my mind just went blank for a period of time.

It definitely felt as if I spent less than 60 minutes in there. I wouldn’t mind it if I could spend a little extra time in there but just not this time – I was rushing off to pick up my babies instead!

I am really glad that I actually went for this float session. I finally had some time for myself. And for that one hour, I didn’t have to be someone’s mum or someone’s wife. I just had to be ME.

Being a mum and wife is part of my identity, just as I’m a daughter and sister. They’re all a part of me. But they don’t define who I am wholly. Before I was a mother and a wife, I was just myself. I had my own hobbies and interests too. And sometimes I just feel like I’ve lost touch with those things for far too long.

And this one hour has somehow connected me with myself for a bit that day.


Penguin Island

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia (being ANZAC day). Hence, we thought we’d bring Naomi to visit the Penguin Island in Rockingham. Mr S and I have never been there ourselves so it was a new adventure for all of us, hehe.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The sun was shining brightly but there was a cooling sea breeze throughout our stay on the island. It was actually a little chilly but we were all dressed accordingly, haha! *Pats self for doing some research before visiting the island*

To get to the island, you only need to hop on the ferry for a 5-minutes ride. It’s actually really close to the mainland and some people opt to travel to the island via the sandbar when the seas aren’t too rough and when the tide is low. However, having to bring a toddler with us and me being so heavily pregnant, we of course, opted for the ferry ride, hahahaha!! Duh~

Our little munchkin was pretty excited to be on the ferry. She imitated us when we pointed to the ocean and said “sea”. Too adorable for words!

Upon reaching the island, we headed straight to the Discovery Centre for penguins feeding time. It was the only time we actually saw penguins on the island, hahahaha! Not because there aren’t actually any penguins on the island but because they’re nocturnal animals and they’re usually out hunting in the sea during the day or hiding deep in their burrows on land. We didn’t manage to spot any except for the ones in the Discovery Centre. We’d actually be considered really lucky if we did! We might have a better luck if we chose to stay till late in the evening instead but we didn’t.

The scenery was breathtaking!!! We would’ve stayed to play on the beach if it wasn’t that chilly. Plus Naomi actually had a spotty tongue from daycare (suspected hand, foot & mouth disease) so we didn’t want her to overtire herself.

It still appears that she enjoyed herself very much though!

My baby girl and I ❤

You’ll always be my baby…

Telethon Freeway Bike Hike

Hi guys!!

I’m riding in the Telethon Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma this year on Sunday 22nd March!

It will require every ounce of breath that I have – which is why I am raising money for the Asthma Foundation WA to support people living with asthma.

It will be a rewarding experience for myself and a small monetary support from any of you will be absolutely amazing.

Please kindly head over to my page here to show your support!

Thank you!!!!

Pre-Wedding Photos Sneak Peek

Soooo happy to have received a slideshow of some of the photos taken during our pre-wedding shoot.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos sometime this week – USB containing all the images is on it’s way!! Wheeeeee~~

Special thanks to our amazingly talented photographer, Tina for creating such beautiful images of us and for us ❤

Kin & I.JPG

ZARA’s in Town!

So this happened tonight, hahahaha!

ZARA is finally here in Perth after the long awaited wait!! About time, guys… *smirk*

Say Hello!

Hello!! I managed to take a few minutes to update my blog today!! As some of you may already know, my family came to visit me in Perth about two weeks ago. The last time everyone came over for a visit was around four years ago. How time flies.

I’ve been pampered a lot by mum this time. It so happens that they came over a week before my exam so mum would cook me delicious meals at home and I wouldn’t have to do any cooking at all! Hehehehehe…… Thank you, mum! And I’m sorry you have to be a kakak everywhere you go, lol!!!

By the way, I grew a year older two weeks ago!! I didn’t get any birthday cake this year. Also forgot to snap a birthday photo of myself!! 😦 Getting too old to remember small details like that now, hahaha! Too bad my family reached a day after, otherwise they would’ve been able to join us for the celebration as well. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself a lot on my birthday with great company!  – with Mr S and Miss Fiona Fong, hehehehe. Thanks guys!!! ❤ Mr S woke me up in the middle of the night (I was sleeping like a log) with his alarm ringing. He wished me happy birthday and handed me a birthday gift and I was all, Huh?? *Pauses* Ohhh!!! Thanks bii! Lol!!!

Also, I need your prayers for my last paper! The whole exam was based on a case study about iron ore mining. And I don’t know JACK about iron ore mining 😦 Woe is me!!! I’ll just leave it in the hands of God and hopefully, I shall pass this time 🙂

Now, now, time for some piccies!

Family Portrait

Taken outside St Mary’s Cathedral. Sis and I were laughing at mum’s fringe, LOL LOL LOL!

Cartoon Face

Posting this up ‘cos I think I look quite okay looking in here but the other two were unpresentable HAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry guys!

With Sis

One with the sister 😛 Dislike the state of my hair now. I wanna keep it long again!

Rose in B&W

Ending this post with a rose from our garden. 

Little Miss Cranky

Yes, I am little Miss Cranky today. In fact, I’ve been little Miss Cranky since weeks ago, when the school holiday was over. Why, you ask. Well, cos driving to work had never been the same again! 😥

It used to take me about 40-45 minutes to get to work, during peak hours and about 35 minutes to get home (the traffic flow’s actually a lot better in the evening for me). But now, my my my. Now it takes me AT LEAST an hour and ten minutes to get to work! What the *doot*?!?

Seriously, the traffic jam in Perth metro during peak hours in the morning is soooooo bad that it feels like I’m actually in KL. And I’m not happy about it.

Enough ranting for today. Five more days till the family is here!!! WOOTTTSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia Day 2013

Happy Sunday everybody!! I took some time to blog today since we’re having a long weekend here down under as it was Australia Day yesterday. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!

We went for a picnic before the skyworks show (our yearly tradition for Oz Day, lol!) with my aunt’s family and Jacinta a.k.a. Cinta this year. Met up with Fiona and her relatives later and joined them for the skyworks watching, hehe. The weather was really good this year, not too cold towards the night. We had plenty of good food for our picnic as well – fried meehoon, lamb stew, egg & tuna sandwiches and mixed fruit salad for desserts. Yummy!!

Here are some photos I took during the event to share with you all. Enjoy!

Aussie Flag

Here comes the Oz flag.

Afternoon Dip

Personal favorite =)

Skyworks 1

Skyworks 2

Skyworks 3

Skyworks 4

Skyworks 5

The skyworks were fantastic and absolutely beautiful this year. Unfortunately we forgot to bring along our radio/iPods so it kinda made the whole experience less fun than it should have been 😦 Oh well, there’s always next year, Australia! 😀

Rain, Rain, Come Again?

Two days ago, it finally rained in Perth after what seemed like forever. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had forecasts saying that we’d be getting rain/storms but all we got were just a few drops of water and that was IT!

Talking about potong stim.

Anyway, as most of you would’ve known, the rain two days ago turned into a disastrous hailstorm. Hail stones of a golf ball size fell from the sky and caused damages to a gazillion cars and buildings. Windows were broken. Cars were dented (MINE WAS BECAUSE KIN WAS DRIVING IT DURING THEN) and so did my boss’ walls at home. There was a land slide which filled the ground floor of an apartment with mud. There was no electricity for hundred thousands of houses. UWA’s library was flooded (along with lots of other businesses I believe) because the glass windows were all broken.

The funny thing is, it was so sunny that morning so I cycled to work! I was coming up with the splendid idea of cycling home in the rain (risking myself getting struck by lightning or slip and fall and faint or something) so I’d fall sick and have an excuse not to turn up for work the next day *evil grin* but Kin came to pick me up from work so my plan failed. Maybe next time, haha!

Colleagues and I were so excited witnessing the hailstorm from the window – forgetting all about the risk of the window breaking and cutting our faces!!! *Gasps!*

Following that, I received plenty of tender loving care from friends and family asking if I’m okay. Awww… My cousin even called me on my cell at 9 a.m. this morning. Thanks, I feel so loved ❤

The sun was out again after the storm. Kinda hope the rain will come back soon though. Nothing lulls me to sleep better than the rhythm of the falling rain.