Tick! Tock!

I have two more days till my second one’s due! Baby, baby please come soon!! Mummy’s getting a little impatient already, hahahaha!

Mum and sis arrived in Perth on Thursday morning. Finally! 😌 Naomi woke up to their faces first thing in the morning and boy, was she happy! So far, they’re so good with her. When I picked her up from daycare one evening with my sister, Naomi almost walked past me and went straight to yiyi instead. 😒

I’m not getting much good sleep these nights. I wake up to pangs of pain on my left ribs; just like I did with Naomi last time.

Praying baby will come soon and safely! Please kindly keep me in your prayers!! Thank you! 😘


Only 1.5 More Months to Go?!

SERIOUSLY?! Where has the time gone?

But honestly, at this stage now, I kinda can’t wait to pop my second baby out now, lol! Things are really starting to get a little tougher these days. I tend to wake up at 4am for a pee and then have difficulty falling back to sleep for an hour or so almost every night. 😵

And I’m so sick of having to lie down on my left side to sleep now. Most of the time, I just go, “AHHHH, I don’t give a sh*t anymore. Imma just lie down on my right for five minutes!!!” Then end up falling asleep for wayyyy longer than that, hahahahaha! I’m sorry 小 bump no. 2!!! 😢

I just need to work for another four more weeks then I’m off again! Wheeeeee!!!!! Mum and sis will be here end of next month to visit and help out again! Can’t wait for them to be back!! The house is definitely merrier with them around, hehehehehehe… Plus I love it when Naomi spends time with popo and yiyi. It’s so heartwarming to see how much they love her 😍😘

🎵 Can’t wait to see you againnnnnnnn…… 🎶

Definitely wearing that romper way too much hahahaha!! It was gifted to me by my sister and they’re super duper comfy!

Note to self: About time I fix the misaligned photo in the photo frame! 😝

Another one with the cheeky girl!

She’s been learning soooo much these days — especially from daycare. And I’m so pleased for her that she’s finally settled down in daycare now. The carers praised her for adapting and doing so well!  I’m more relieved now as I know that she’s being cared for, her needs taken care of when I’m at work (earning more money 💵 to buy her formula 🍼, hahahahahahaha) and that she’s happy and thriving. 🙂

She’s finally learned how to walk after she started daycare. Perhaps she wanted to catch up with the other kids who are already walking hahahaha! And now she’s learning to talk!! Man, when she says ‘nose’, it’s with an Aussie accent!! 🙄

It’s such a bittersweet feeling to watch her grow and witness her every milestone and progress. As a parent, you’re happy that your child is growing to be healthy and happy. But at the same time, you feel like with their new gained confidence and independence, they’ll depend on you less and less. 😢

Last but not least, a selfie to end the post (as usual, HAHA!) *Snicker* So sorry to do this but this filter does make me look so much more refreshed than I really am in real life. In real life, I just look like a tired, old hag because I really AM tired almost ALL the time. 😴

Quick question for you guys!! I’m thinking of cutting my hair to a lob again some time before baby is due. The longer hair will keep me warm in winter though! BUT BUT BUT, with the confinement thingy going on, I won’t be able to wash my hair for quite a while so I can foresee that it’s gonna be quite gross!! 😱😰

What do you think? Lob or no lob? 🤔

She’s Here!

Yes, she’s here!!! We welcomed our little girl, Naomi into our lives on 5 December 2015. Words can’t describe how elated I was when I saw her emerged from me and first held her in my arms. I was in shock at first, seeing her for the very first time in flesh. Then the doctor and midwife quickly placed her in my arms and I couldn’t help myself from whimpering when I held her small body in my arms, tears welling up in my eyes. I looked at Mr S and he was touched to tears too at this point in time.

I shall save my labor story for another day (if I can find the time to write about it, haha). Right now, we are just delighted that our little girl is here with us. That makes Christmas this year a gazillion times BETTER! ❤

Meanwhile, here’s a video I whipped up quickly yesterday afternoon while Naomi was taking a nap.

Keeping it simple and basic this time as I don’t have much free time on hands right now haha. Both Mr S and I really enjoyed taking the photos every week and watching my bump grow hehehe…

Hope you all enjoy this video of me “popping”! 😛 (Psst, it’s available in HD 🙂 Hehe…)


The Waiting Game Begins

Hello everybody! I have reached another milestone in my pregnancy journey today – I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant today! Which means, I’m now considered full-term and the baby could come anytime between now and the next couple of weeks! :O However, my OB reassured me today that the baby is likely to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks or so. Phewww…… Let’s just hope that BB will be patient enough to stay inside until popo and yiyi arrive next, next Saturday hahaha!! The doctor also said that the baby’s head has now descended down into my pelvis and that’s a good sign! That means that the baby’s currently in the right position and is ready for birth. How exciting is that!!

Having said that, I now have approximately three more weeks to go before the baby comes! My nesting instincts are kicking in and I’m really trying to get myself and the house ready for the baby’s arrival since I started my maternity leave this week. I’m finding myself scrubbing the floors in my bathroom while showering cos I felt that they were filthy. I can’t stand the gritty floors around the house as well and I find myself bending down and picking up grains of sand from the floor (doesn’t help that Australia is always so dusty and the fact that Koko brings in dirt and grit every time he steps out and comes back into the house). 😡

The good thing about my nesting instincts kicking in early is that I have most of the stuffs ready and prepared now, hehehe. The baby’s linen, manchester and cute, little, tiny clothes have all been washed and folded. Hospital bag is almost fully packed (just gotta throw in my toiletries and some snacks last minute). I got Mr S to install the car seat already and the cot’s been set up in our room 🙂 All we’re missing is little baby S in our arms! Hehehehe… ❤

Now, throwing back to two weeks ago, when Mr S turned 30!!!

Baby Shower

Fiona was so sweet to organize a surprise birthday party for Mr S on my behalf! But what I didn’t know was that it was also a surprise baby shower for us!! Awwwww…… ❤ It was a beautiful and memorable day spent with friends and family (my cousin was there too haha!). The food was delicious as usual as all my friends can cook so well hahahaha!!! 😎

Last but not least, not forgetting to mention that today is my lovely momma’s birthday!!! My one and only superwoman!! The one who’s been the best mum one could ever be for me. I have so much to learn from you and hopefully I will be as good a mother to my babies as you are to us! ❤ Happy birthday mummy!!! LOVE YOUUUU!!!

With Mommy

Update at 34 Weeks

So, I’m into my 35th week of pregnancy today! Just another 6 more weeks to go until we meet little bub!

I must admit, my bump is getting so big and heavy that it’s starting to get more and more uncomfortable for me, physically. And I must say, sailing through the third trimester doesn’t seem that easy for me! Let’s see, where shall I start?

The snoring. URGH. I haven’t snored this much in my life, seriously! Well, the snoring doesn’t affect me much, really. But poor Mr S had to put up with it every single night before he decided to start using ear plugs when he goes to sleep, hahaha!

Insomnia. I get insomnia on random nights these days. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep in less than five minutes after I hit the sack. But I’d be wide awake at two or three AM in the morning, eyes wide open and not being able to go back to sleep. I don’t know if this is my body trying to get used to the frequent sleep-wake intervals when the baby is out.

Bloating & heartburn. My bloating is back!!! *Cries* 😥 Sometimes I just feel like my tummy is about to explode after a light meal. T_T

Clumsiness. I broke a glass in the office about three weeks ago and a plate just two days ago. Sometimes I can’t even stand up straight and I feel like I’m about to topple anytime, lol. Even fetching my printouts from the printer seems difficult at times. I usually end up dropping all the paper on the floor and having to bend down and pick them up is a total *****.

The Weight & Size. I have gained almost ten kilos thus far! I must’ve eaten A LOT during my pregnancy to have gained the weight of a big bag of rice. And I’m telling you, it’s not fun having to carry the weight of a bag of rice around your belly the whole time! 😦 Today as I walked from my front lawn to my front door (with a very slight uphill), I actually felt TIRED! Man… I guess this is what I get for not doing any exercise at all once I found out I was pregnant! Moving on to getting some sleep. Sleeping on my back feels uncomfortable now due to the pressure from the growing uterus. But having to constantly sleep on one side gave me sharp pain in my ribs. 😦 Also, I’m left with veeeeeery few pieces of clothing that I can still fit in now. It’s so hard to fully cover up my bump now!!!

Lower Immune SystemI was down with a nasty flu a few weeks ago. Pregnant women are more prone to serious illnesses as their immune system is weakened. I had fever and a sore throat, followed by a bad cough. The coughing part was the worst as it was affecting my sleep and I just felt so sorry for the baby! I couldn’t help but think that the baby can’t rest too when I cough cos my body shakes so vigorously when I cough. And how noisy it must be for the baby every time I cough! Last Friday, I even popped my rib joint on my back while coughing. It was soooo darn painful that I was gonna cry! Driving home from work that evening was plain torture. Every single time I coughed, I just felt the sharp pain on my back and I had to make sure that my foot doesn’t jerk and I’d accidentally accelerate the car, lol!

Nevertheless, bonding time with little bub inside of me is the best in my last trimester! Baby has grown soooo much after seven months plus and I can feel his/her movements throughout the day every single day! 🙂

Did I mention that this baby is soooo active and drastic in his/her movements? Just the other night as I was lying on my side, I suddenly felt a weird sensation on my belly so I lifted my shirt to have a look. Lo and behold, my tummy was sticking out at a weird angle on one side!!! It was either the baby’s elbow or knee sticking out as far as possible as if doing the biggest stretch ever! Mr S was a bit grossed out but held out his hand to touch it still, hahahaha! Now I’m wondering if I’m having an alien baby inside 😛 Anyway, when I reached for my phone to try to record a video of it, my alien baby stopped the show. Booooo.

Meanwhile, I’m posting another video I managed to record two weeks earlier when I was 32 weeks pregnant! Enjoy!

Last Trimester to Go!

Hi peeps! Being 27 weeks pregnant yesterday, I’m officially into my last trimester now! How exciting and nerve-wrecking this is at the same time, haha!

As much as I wanted to, I haven’t blogged much about my experience being pregnant so far, lol. Since I’m nearing the home stretch right now (pun intended), I might as well write something now before the baby pops out, haha!

My first four months being pregnant wasn’t really pleasant as I suffered from morning sickness. I didn’t physically throw up much, but I was feeling nauseous AND bloated ALL. THE. TIME. Oh, oh, oh! I busted one of the Chinese myths that eating somboi will help me get rid of the nauseous feeling. It didn’t work for me at all 😦 At this point in time, my so-called “bump” was bigger than it should be due to the gas inside, hahahaha! I was more tired than usual — spending most of my weekends napping away on the couch. I also felt so lousy that I didn’t wanna move my arse at all. I stopped doing my daily exercises and just focused on being a blob of jelly on the couch, really, lol!!!

Luckily, things got better when I was four months pregnant. The morning sickness started to fade and I started gaining my appetite back. I started loving my pregnant body more and more as well, wearing my small bump proudly, hehehe. We then decided to go on a babymoon since I felt much better than I did in my first trimester! Taking some time off from work felt so good as we were both so busy at work in the months leading up to our short getaway. It was a much needed holiday to re-energize ourselves and acknowledge the fact that we will be parents soon in a few months’ time!

Happy Smiles

Happy faces in Bali.

Currently at my 27th week, my bump is more prominent than ever before. I’ve heard that the last trimester can be quite tough for mums-to-be. I’m starting to experience the nasty things that come with being pregnant once again:

  • feeling nauseous
  • having trouble sleeping through the night due to the sharp pain I often get in my ribs on my left
  • shortness of breath
  • sleepiness
  • indigestion/bloating

But then again, I now have the perks of feeling my baby move inside me!!! I started feeling his/her movements when I was 18 weeks pregnant. Oh I must say, this baby is one active baby, hahaha! I can now even see my belly move when the baby moves. It’s really one of the most amazing feelings ever! I know I’m definitely gonna miss this when the baby’s out. 🙂

With about three more months to go now, I guess I’ll be busy preparing myself for the big day! Hopefully I can drag my lazy arse out there with the weather being warmer and all, haha!

Last but not least, a photo of me carrying my 27 weeks bump! Hello!!!

27 Weeks

Is it a Girl or a Boy?

Hello there!! Quite pleased to have found some time to update my rather neglected blog tonight, hehe.

So, I’m having my second ultrasound scan next week to check that the baby is developing normally and look at where the placenta is lying in my uterus. I just had a read at the things they will check and assess during this anatomy slash anomaly scan and it’s starting to freak me out a little of the things that could possibly go wrong with the development of the baby. 😮 Praying hard that everything is A-okay and that the baby is healthy and growing well!

Now, the added bonus to next week’s scan is that we can choose to find out the gender of the baby!!! Honestly, my initial reaction was that I had to find out! I just had to. I was just so filled with curiosity and excitement that I couldn’t wait to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy! And I still am!

However, the husband’s thinking of the total opposite. He said that as long as the baby’s healthy, it doesn’t matter if the baby’s a boy or a girl, which I fully agree with! He then asked, why not have it as a surprise? BUT I WANT TO KNOW NOWWW IF I COULD!!!!!! You can tell that I was quite determined to know the sex of the baby.

Until this morning. 🙄 My curiosity led me to type “should I find out the gender of my baby?” in my Google search bar, lol. I then took this short quiz and this was the result I got:

Prepare for a surprise! It sounds as if you should probably wait until your baby is born to find out his or her sex. This is how people have been doing it for centuries, and there’s no reason to change now. Unlike so many people nowadays, you seem to have the patience and knack for “living in the moment” that’s necessary to remain in the dark about your baby’s sex.There are definitely benefits to not finding out. By waiting, you can spend the rest of your pregnancy having fantasies about babies of both sexes; this can actually make the last few weeks more bearable. And here’s an extra benefit: Deciding not to find out might drive your relatives crazy!

HAHAHAHA!!! So instead of driving myself crazy, I will have the benefit of driving others crazy now! 😛

So, the husband and I had a chat tonight and decided that we are not going to find out the gender of our baby, until we meet him/her on the BIG day! (Or when the doctor exclaims, “IT’S A GIRL!!!” or “IT’S A BOY!!!” when the baby’s out hahahahaha!)

Either way, we are preparing to be SURPRISED!!!