Penguin Island

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia (being ANZAC day). Hence, we thought we’d bring Naomi to visit the Penguin Island in Rockingham. Mr S and I have never been there ourselves so it was a new adventure for all of us, hehe.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The sun was shining brightly but there was a cooling sea breeze throughout our stay on the island. It was actually a little chilly but we were all dressed accordingly, haha! *Pats self for doing some research before visiting the island*

To get to the island, you only need to hop on the ferry for a 5-minutes ride. It’s actually really close to the mainland and some people opt to travel to the island via the sandbar when the seas aren’t too rough and when the tide is low. However, having to bring a toddler with us and me being so heavily pregnant, we of course, opted for the ferry ride, hahahaha!! Duh~

Our little munchkin was pretty excited to be on the ferry. She imitated us when we pointed to the ocean and said “sea”. Too adorable for words!

Upon reaching the island, we headed straight to the Discovery Centre for penguins feeding time. It was the only time we actually saw penguins on the island, hahahaha! Not because there aren’t actually any penguins on the island but because they’re nocturnal animals and they’re usually out hunting in the sea during the day or hiding deep in their burrows on land. We didn’t manage to spot any except for the ones in the Discovery Centre. We’d actually be considered really lucky if we did! We might have a better luck if we chose to stay till late in the evening instead but we didn’t.

The scenery was breathtaking!!! We would’ve stayed to play on the beach if it wasn’t that chilly. Plus Naomi actually had a spotty tongue from daycare (suspected hand, foot & mouth disease) so we didn’t want her to overtire herself.

It still appears that she enjoyed herself very much though!

My baby girl and I ❤

You’ll always be my baby…


Naomi’s First Trip to Miri

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉 Isn’t it scary it’s almost the end of the first month of year 2017 already? Time sure flies by faster the older you get. At least that’s how I feel, haha!

So, we headed back to Miri for four weeks early December last year. Naomi and I flew back by ourselves first and Mr S joined us two weeks after. With it being the first time for Naomi to fly, I couldn’t help but feel quite nervous; not knowing how she’ll behave on the flight and how I’m going to cope with the two flights and the transit in KLIA.

Then came the actual day itself. ✈️ I had a less than satisfactory experience with the ground staff at Perth International Airport. In fact, I was sooooo disappointed at their total lack of consideration for a passenger traveling with an infant. 😡 I’m not going to elaborate on what happened ‘cos I’ve been telling this story to others so many times that I’m actually sick of it already, haha. 😪

Taken at about 1:30AM. She was very sleepy and didn’t make much noise. Phew!! But had to carry her just as she fell asleep ‘cos strollers are not allowed on the plane and had to be placed in the cargo. 😭


Ahhhhh, I can’t describe the sense of relief I had when she didn’t wake up as I placed her into the bassinet. 😌

This totally wasn’t the case on our way back to Perth though. Gosh, she was sooooo unsettled and I can’t even recall how many times I carried her to Mr S’s seat during that flight (we weren’t seated together unfortunately). I was about to go crazy on the plane. Just 👌🏻 THISSSSS close to snapping!


Had our breakfast/first meal in KLIA, Malaysia. Where else but Burger King? Hehehehehe…

On the flight back to Miri, she did a poo poo, hahahahahaha!! It was getting quite smelly but I didn’t change her ‘cos we were close to landing and I can imagine how hard it would be to change her in the teeny tiny toilet on the plane. So I left it at that HAHAHA! I’m horrible, I know. 😝 So when mum picked her up from the stroller at the airport, she actually stank. LOLLLL!!!! 🤢😷😂

Ahhhh, we had such a good time back in Miri for four weeks! Four good weeks of pampering from family members, great company from relatives & friends and last but not least, the deeeeelicious fooddddd!!

I actually got to meet quite a lot of relatives and old friends this trip around, which I’m very grateful for. It’s so good to see everyone again ☺️

More photos from our trip back home… Enjoy! (You can click on the individual photos for a better view 😜)



Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Mr S and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary just recently. 💑 He arranged a surprise anniversary weekend getaway for us, hehehehe…

Spent 3 days 2 nights in Mandurah and had such an “eventful” time, because baby got sick on the day that we left! 😵

She developed a high fever that day and seemed so weak and drowsy the whole time. 😭 So we eventually went to see a doctor there and found out that she had an ear infection, most likely an aftermath from her cold and flu which she hadn’t fully recovered from.

Poor bubba’s temperature was soaring and we had to strip her down to her nappy and cool her down with damp hand towels.

Despite all that, we spent some really good quality time together as a family. 😘 Naomi also finally learned how to crawl that day! We plonked her on the hotel bed and she almost pranced at the remote control in front of her, hahahaha!

Meeting Lil’ K!

Mr S and I spent a long weekend in Melbourne last month to finally meet our nephew, Kayden!

Our flight to Melbourne was very comfortable with Virgin Australia. Managed to watch two movies on the plane and before we knew it, we’ve reached our destination! Hehehe… We were quite lucky to have an empty seat next to us so we still had some ‘personal space’ to us, haha. Mind you, I was already 29 weeks pregnant then. So, bump was kinda protruding already by then, lol. Any extra space that we can have to ourselves is a bonus!

We spent four lovely days in Melbourne with my brother in law’s family. Had a really, really, really good time with them, especially with the little one! He’s really a bundle of joy! ❤ It’s a shame he was teething during the weekend we were there though so he wasn’t in his best mood the whole time. Poor baby had fever and wasn’t eating so well. Nevertheless, he was his cheeky little self whenever he felt better! Can’t get enough of his smiles and laughters, hehehe…

As for myself, I was spoilt rotten by them!!! I don’t think I’ve been cared for or spoilt this much in my adult life haha! Felt so, so loved! 🙂

Mr S & Kayden

I must say that Mr S is well loved by the nephew. He surely knew how to crack the little one up with his silly actions and stuff, hahaha! And it’s the first time I’ve seen him carry a toddler that much before! Mr S had always been quite afraid to handle kids, hahaha!

With Kayden

Here’s one of the two of us with lil’ K! Oh, how we miss you little one!

P.S.: Can’t wait to meet the little one of our own! ❤ ❤ Less than 8 weeks more to go!!! ^^’

Back from Babymoon!

Bali 2

Photos from our babymoon in Ubud, Bali are up on my photography website!

We had a relaxing and calming four days off work,  couldn’t ask for anything better! Ubud is so very beautiful and charming. We both fell in love with it shortly after arriving. Perhaps because the locals were just so warm and friendly and we received such wonderful service by Kamandalu Ubud, not forgetting the spectacular views of paddy fields and the tasty food!!!

We had a few must-try food on our list and it was almost like our mission of the trip was to hunt all of them down hahaha! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try the BBQ ribs from Naughty Nuri’s but oh well, there’s always next time! 😉

Did I mention how lucky we were to have escaped the flight disruptions from the volcanic ash from Mount Raung? We were this close to having to cancel our trip last minute as flights were only resumed the day before we were due to fly! Thank God everything went well and we had a splendid time there just relaxing, eating and enjoying tranquil moments by ourselves, hehehe…

Wanderlust: Europe

Travel BrochuresEver since the husband and I got married, we’ve had friends and family members urging us to travel before we settle down and have kids. I must admit, all the urging caused my heart to stir and my desire to travel grew each time, haha! The world is so big and there is so much out there waiting for us to explore and to experience in person. And if we are comfortable enough to travel now, why not?

So I took the courtesy of booking our tickets to Paris this year! Paris will be the first city in Europe which we’ll set our feet on. I’ve read both the good and bad reviews about Paris but I’m going to visit this city with an open heart and an open mind. Expect nothing extraordinary and I’m sure we’ll be surprised (in a good way).

We have a few other cities on the list as well and it’ll take us months to plan this trip throughout, I’m sure.

But it will be worth it!

Honeymoon Photos Are Up!

Yes, they are and you can view them here on my photography website.

After going on our honeymoon, Mr S and I just wish we could travel more. #webewanderlustingjustlikeeveryoneelse

Honeymoon in Maldives

Meanwhile, is anyone of you hooked on Serial just as I am at the moment?

Taipei Trip 2013

Hi everyone! I’m back with a lengthy update! We just got back from our 2-weeks holiday a few days ago. I managed to squeeze in some time in editing some photos for this blog post so *pats my own back* , “Thanks Jess for the effort and time that you put in for this update!”, haha!

So, Mr S and I joined my family and relatives for this 6 days trip to Taipei, Taiwan (there were 13 of us!!!). We then headed back to our hometown, Miri for a couple more days since it’s been 3 years since Mr S last went home! Poor dude. He missed all our local food and delicacies dearly!

On the first day of our holiday, Mr S and I flew to Kota Kinabalu via Kuala Lumpur. We reached KK at around 9:35pm. It was about 10pm when we reached the hotel motel to meet up with the rest of my family. We were both knackered and couldn’t wait to check in and have a good night’s rest before the early flight to Taipei the next morning.

But guess what Miss Bimbo did?

I accidentally left one of our hand-carry luggage in the cab!!! Ahhhhh…… The nightmare! Mr S was so frustrated and I could almost see him fuming with anger whilst I explained to my mum that I was too tired to remember. Sigh, I’m always full of excuses… 😦

Mr S then proceeded to search for the cab driver back at the airport with one of the staff members of the hotel motel. THANK GOD he found the cab driver! Kudos to Mr S for always being so good at saving the day, hahaha! The cab driver wasn’t even at the airport but at a shop nearby the airport and Mr S actually spotted his cab. Geez I couldn’t even remember the car plate number of the cab alright? Mr S… ♥ ♥

Taipei City Continue reading Taipei Trip 2013

I’m Back!

Hola everybody, I am back!!

Actually, I’ve already been back for a week but haven’t had time to sit down and blog about my trip. I had a really good time in KL with my family and friends back home during my very, very short stay. I flew to KL on Wednesday arvo, arriving KL city at around 11pm because my flight had been delayed for an hour 😦

I dropped off my luggage very early at the airport and decided to go back home instead of waiting all by myself at the airport. Mr S decided to watch Shrek 2 together. But I ended up snoring on the couch (I was super exhausted on that day for some reason hahahaha)!

The flight was okay. It would’ve been nice if I could use one of the armrests though. I was sitting in between two passengers who decided place BOTH of their arms on the armrests, hence leaving me with none T_T

The trip was really, really short. I basically spent only 4 days 4 nights there. The only things on our itinerary was to shop, eat and attend the cousin’s wedding, LOL! There weren’t much sales going on so we didn’t go cray cray over shopping. Didn’t travel around to find exotic local food as well. I guess the only climax of my whole trip was my cousin’s wedding!


The cousin was super, super gorgeous and absolutely stunning on her special day! It’s a shame I didn’t take many photos of the day itself ‘cos as one of the ji-muis, I was too busy with the rest of the ji-muis torturing the groom on his groomsmen during the groom games sesh, hehehehehe…… Plus there were professional photographers around on the day itself, I felt quite embarrassed lugging my DSLR around werkin‘ it like a pro, HAHAHAHA!! I took less than 10 photos using my DSLR and decided to just keep it in my bag for the rest of the day.


The first shot I did of the bride. What did I tell ya? She looks stunning, doesn’t she? She was absolutely glowing on her day. So, so, so, so beautiful!


The color code for the ji-muis was coral.


With my sister and cousins.


Taken in church while waiting for the bride’s arrival.

Unfortunately, that’s the most I can show you of the wedding. I’ve seen the slideshow of the photos taken by their wedding photographers for the day during the wedding reception and the photos are verrrryy beautiful!! *Secretly wishes I can get a full frame camera and my dream lens LOLOLOL*

Siblings Love

Ending this post with a collage of photos taken with my brother and sister. See how cute my sis is? She thinks she looks fugly in most of the photos but I’m posting them still ‘cos I love all her expressions here hahahaha!!!

Okay lah, my brother is quite cute too. Bleh. 😛 I actually have this super duper fugly photo of his but I chose not to post it up because I sayang him lah! Hahahahaha!

Okay, goodnight everyone!!! We’re having a long weekend here in WA!!! WOOHOOOOOO~~~