Miri Trip 2017

Hiiii!! I’m updating my blog, yay! 🤓

We’re back from our short trip back to Miri and our lives are back to routine once again here in Perth.

We had a really splendid time back home! My bro’s wedding was amazinggggg… 🤩 Loved spending time with my family and meeting up with some friends! And the foooooooddddd. That itself is self-explanatory, hahahaha!!

I took heaps of photos during our trip. Mostly of the food I ate, HAHA! 🤤 A couple of friends threatened to unfollow me on Instagram because of the food pics I posted in my stories every day. 😜

The kids had a terrific time too. Every day was filled with warm hugs and kisses and cuddles. 😍😘

Flying with two kids though, was EXHAUSTING. And we weren’t exactly doing long-haul flights. 😐 Our transit in Singapore was for 6 hours. We arranged this on purpose just so we could give the kids a break, feed them, change them then freshen them up for the next flight. But MAN! We were totally beat!!! We took the midnight flight to Singapore and couldn’t catch a wink at all on the plane ‘cos didi had to be taken out of the bassinet every time the seat belt sign was on and for taking off and landing. After moving him a couple of times and with him absolutely hating it, I resolved to just holding him to sleep in my arms. But I had to stay awake to make sure that he doesn’t slide off my arms and fall to the ground. 😓

The awesome thing though, was that Singapore Airlines staff and crew members were sooooooo good and accommodating. Our whole experience from queuing up at the airport for our check-in to our landing was impeccable! I don’t know if it’s because we were traveling with kids but they just made us feel so at ease traveling with kids 😌 (except when the kids themselves are not co-operating).

Okay, next is to spam you with some photos, hehehehehe… I’ve taken more than a hundred photos back home but I’ll just selectively post some here.



Our first night back in Miri. Dinner to celebrate mum’s belated birthday!


At my brother’s church wedding ceremony.


My sister, myself and my cousin, Charlotte. Posting this ‘cos all of us looked so pretty here HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😂





Naomi with her uncle & aunties… 🍭 Enjoying her very first lollipop!

Oh, oh, oh!! And I scored a date with Mr S one afternoon!!! My sister is a true GEM for babysitting both my kids for a couple of hours hehehehehe… It has been soooo long since we last had a date I actually felt quite shy at first HAHAHAHA!!! 😳

Honestly, it’s so important to reconnect after you’ve had kids. We still managed to do movie nights when we only had Naomi as we have a few hours every night after putting her to sleep. But now that we have two kids, it’s so much harder to do so. I’m usually exhausted by 9pm and all I wanna do is climb into bed and either scroll through my phone (worst activity before bedtime by the way), read a book, or sleep.

I think Dylan’s bedtime routine is getting slightly better now though. It’s taking a shorter amount of time to settle him to sleep now so I’m finding myself some extra time to spare before bedtime. UNFORTUNATELY, Mr S got a new game from his friends for his birthday so he’s busy trying to finish the game now. Boohoo to no movie nights yet again. But hooray for spare time in updating my blog, I guess? 🤔

Also, I finally had the chance to chop off my crazy thick hair!!! Felt soooo good and light afterwards. Gotta love short hair as it saves me costs on shampoo and conditioner and time spent on drying my hair! I wanted this length ‘cos I really like it when it’s slightly wavy but that means I’ll need to be very diligent in curling them. So far, I’ve failed miserably hahahaha! Should’ve known better! But I think a simple bob looks nice too anyway. 😝


Had the opportunity to meet up with some high school friends (C Seng not pictured in here)!!! Really appreciate them making the effort to meet up. It’s been 15 years since we graduated (GASP!) and I’m very grateful that we’re still able to do this. 😊

Last but not least, we were very blessed to have a simple early birthday celebration for Naomi!!! We had Mr S’s family come over and join us for mum’s cooked dinner. Naomi the lucky girl was showered with love, wishes and presents from everyone! 😍

All in all, all of us enjoyed the trip very much! A trip to Miri is always something we look forward to. Hopefully, we’ll get to plan another trip soon!


Wedding Photos

Yesss! I finally got our wedding photos from our photographer a week ago!!! We were given about five hundred plus photos and I have handpicked a few to be shared with you all here on my blog.

We love, love, love going through all the photos and reminiscing all the fond memories of the day itself. ❤ Hope you all enjoy looking through them as much as we do 🙂




















Wedding Video is Up!


Hello peeps! I finally finished compiling and editing our wedding video last night. It’s freshly uploaded on YouTube and I decided to share it with my readers on my blog since I didn’t blog much about the wedding anyway.

Special thanks to my Uncle Edmund, Meng and Cinta for shooting the videos on our wedding day!! Your efforts and love are greatly appreciated by Mr S and I.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do! There’s a huge grin on my face every time I watch it, hehehehehe… 🙂

We Got Married!!!

Oh yes, Mr S and I finally tied the knot/got hitched last month!!

I really can’t rave enough of the blessings God had showered us with that day! We were surrounded by our loved and close ones, the weather was perfect and we were both just filled with so much love and joy that day! Dare I say it, everything was perfect! It was a day made so memorable for us that we will never forget but treasure for the rest of our lives.

The days leading up to the wedding day itself was strenuous, stressful and exhausting. But it was all worthwhile. Our sincerest gratitude to everyone who had helped us out, to everyone who was there to witness our special day, and also to those who couldn’t make it to our wedding but sent us your warm wishes from afar.

Many years on from our wedding day, we hope to be able to look back to this day and remember how much love we have for each other that we decided to declare it before God, our family and friends that we promise to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Most importantly, we promise to love and honor each other all the days of our lives.

Wedding ThumbnailPhoto credit: Tina Shawal Photography

Photo Log: March & April

So, the month of March zoomed past just like that and it’s now almost the end of April! Happy Easter everyone!!!

Just about five more months to the wedding and there are still heaps to do! Pray that all goes well and that I don’t stress myself out too much >_<


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Taken while we attended Ben & Karen’s wedding last month 🙂 Had to take photos of ourselves as we hardly ever dress up when we go out nowadays hahahaha!


Obligatory selfie in the car.



Ugly snapshot of me but I like the fact that it’s candid.

Freo 2

Random big door in Freo.

Sorry, but this post is just pointless, lol.

So, we still can’t decide where our honeymoon destination should be. Any suggestions, people?

I’m Back!

Hola everybody, I am back!!

Actually, I’ve already been back for a week but haven’t had time to sit down and blog about my trip. I had a really good time in KL with my family and friends back home during my very, very short stay. I flew to KL on Wednesday arvo, arriving KL city at around 11pm because my flight had been delayed for an hour 😦

I dropped off my luggage very early at the airport and decided to go back home instead of waiting all by myself at the airport. Mr S decided to watch Shrek 2 together. But I ended up snoring on the couch (I was super exhausted on that day for some reason hahahaha)!

The flight was okay. It would’ve been nice if I could use one of the armrests though. I was sitting in between two passengers who decided place BOTH of their arms on the armrests, hence leaving me with none T_T

The trip was really, really short. I basically spent only 4 days 4 nights there. The only things on our itinerary was to shop, eat and attend the cousin’s wedding, LOL! There weren’t much sales going on so we didn’t go cray cray over shopping. Didn’t travel around to find exotic local food as well. I guess the only climax of my whole trip was my cousin’s wedding!


The cousin was super, super gorgeous and absolutely stunning on her special day! It’s a shame I didn’t take many photos of the day itself ‘cos as one of the ji-muis, I was too busy with the rest of the ji-muis torturing the groom on his groomsmen during the groom games sesh, hehehehehe…… Plus there were professional photographers around on the day itself, I felt quite embarrassed lugging my DSLR around werkin‘ it like a pro, HAHAHAHA!! I took less than 10 photos using my DSLR and decided to just keep it in my bag for the rest of the day.


The first shot I did of the bride. What did I tell ya? She looks stunning, doesn’t she? She was absolutely glowing on her day. So, so, so, so beautiful!


The color code for the ji-muis was coral.


With my sister and cousins.


Taken in church while waiting for the bride’s arrival.

Unfortunately, that’s the most I can show you of the wedding. I’ve seen the slideshow of the photos taken by their wedding photographers for the day during the wedding reception and the photos are verrrryy beautiful!! *Secretly wishes I can get a full frame camera and my dream lens LOLOLOL*

Siblings Love

Ending this post with a collage of photos taken with my brother and sister. See how cute my sis is? She thinks she looks fugly in most of the photos but I’m posting them still ‘cos I love all her expressions here hahahaha!!!

Okay lah, my brother is quite cute too. Bleh. 😛 I actually have this super duper fugly photo of his but I chose not to post it up because I sayang him lah! Hahahahaha!

Okay, goodnight everyone!!! We’re having a long weekend here in WA!!! WOOHOOOOOO~~~

Chinese New Year in Miri 2012

Hello people, I am back from my holiday! Spent two amazing weeks back in Miri with my family and friends for Chinese New Year. Happy Dragon Year everyone!!!

I put on tonnes of weight during my trip back home because I can never say no to Mirian food. Also got a cough from eating too much durian, hahahaha!

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I also went broke although I didn’t stop by Kuala Lumpur for my shopping spree this year – because I went to have my teeth whitened for a friggin’ RM980!!! But I later found out that I really wasn’t conned by the dentist because my cousin and my other cousin’s wife did theirs for a far more expensive price!

In actual fact, my dentist didn’t think that my teeth were yellow at all (2nd whitest on the teeth shade scale) but I insisted on having them whitened. Well, that of course, was before he told me the cost of having it done. 😥

Anyways, I took a gazillion photos during my trip back home. This time around, I didn’t really lug my huge ass DSLR around because I too now have an iPhone! It’s really making me neglect my cameras I tell ya!

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Chinese New Year in Miri 2011

I finally sat down in front of my PC today and decided to resize some photos taken during my trip back in Miri earlier this month so I could update my blog!

Initially, I had so many things I wanted to say. But since it took me about 2 hours to go through the photos, filter them, resize them, and upload them on to the net, I now too lazy to write a lengthy post about this trip -_-||

So basically, I’ll try my best to include some “descriptive” and “informative” narrations under the photos so I can end this post soon and go surf the net or something, HA!

年30 (“Nian 30” / Chinese New Year Eve) Night Market at China Town. Continue reading Chinese New Year in Miri 2011

Yet Another Weekly Update

Hi Mum, Ni, Siang (Deng deng! I know you read my blog), and all my other friends and readers who read this blog,

This is yet another attempt of me trying to update you guys of I’ve been doing besides working my ass off.

This week’s been a pretty happening week for me!!!

First off, I passed my FIN supplementary exam! WOOHOO!! I am SO glad I did, Hallelujah! Here’s to having one less thing to worry about. Cheers!

Secondly, I’ve been busy looking for another place to move to. My current lease ends in May and I’m not sure if they’re gonna increase the rent again this year. Most likely yes because of the increasing interest rate so if I can find a cheaper and not so dodgy place, I’ll move. We had a look at one of the properties yesterday and was quite pleased with it but too bad the kitchen had electric hotplates instead of gas cooking so we didn’t go for it. Today, we drove to another 2 properties and had a look from the outside and we’re quite impressed by the exterior look of them too. I really hope the real estate agent will get back to me soon so I can have a look at the places and decide which one to make an offer to. Gotta pray hard that I’ll get somewhere I’m really happy with and doesn’t make a bigger hole in my pocket.

Thirdly, I attended my schoolmate’s wedding for the very first time (Huat Wun & Carmen’s wedding)!!! The bridegroom and bride cried when they took turns to give a short speech to thank their parents. I cried too T_T I just can’t stand watching other people cry =.=

Fourthly, I had a photoshoot with Kristy yesterday with the help of Fiona. It was filled with laughter because Kristy’s a little cuckoo like that HAHA, just kidding. Kristy is the model who laughed the most when I shoot her. She’s just so joyful it makes the photoshoot a really relaxed and light-hearted one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fifthly (this is sounding funnier and funnier hoho), I went fishing with Ceci at South Perth last night but caught nothing. Kin and I headed to Claremont Jetty afterward to try out luck. Some dolphins swam by not long after we arrived and one of them swam extremely near to me!! Well in fact, it swam right next to me and under me the jetty in circles for quite some time. We figured it must’ve been chasing some fish or something. It was quite big and so cute but scary at the same time ‘cos it looked like a shark, eeeek!! 😯 After they left, we walked back to our spot and I spotted a crab!! DENG DENG DENG. Next thing we know, we got ourselves a crab! Woohoo!

That’s all for tonight. Goodnight everyone 🙂